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  1. I am fascinated by the LIRR system and would love to be a part of this team. How does one apply to either be a LIRR Conductor/brakeman/ticket collector or an Engineer?
  2. dfkwcwp


    Does the LIRR give tours at any of their facilities like where they service trains etc? Like Hillside?
  3. Ill say it again this is such a cool forum! Thanks guys!!
  4. Interesting! So the DE's terminate before Manhattan huh? So Amtrak will connect an entire old locomotive to a train just for baggage? Where does power come from for the cars etc. for locomotives with the basic configuration? Wow thanks for this info. Very very interesting. Speaking of electrical why does the power cut out on the LIRR M1/M3 fleet and not the M7s?
  5. Kamen thanks for that info! Very cool stuff to know. So forgive me because I'm learning but, DE's cant run into Penn? Why arent all the these trains DM's? Is it a cost issue? So yes to clarify my question, what's in back of where the engineer sits in the locomotive of the DM or DE cars. The larger metal section where there are what appear to be vents on the exterior? Can somone walk thru that section? Best, Jason
  6. Hey, I'm new to this message board but think it's a neat one. Anyone who has ever seen the blue and silver, slope-faced cab car of the double decker LIRR C3 train is able to see that the engineer sits in the front of the cab. What though is inside the rest of that cab car? Is the rest of that car just a giant engine compartment or is the engineer able to walk thru the entire cabcar? Also the cab car I believe has 2 seats. I'm assuming the second seat doesn't have a controller next to it, but is just for a passenger? Anyone have pictures? Best, Jason
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