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  1. Here's a tweet with some more pictures. Seems to show two R62A trains side-by-side in one of them. My guess is that right before this happened (1) trains were running express to 96th because of a mechanical issue on a train at 79th. From some of the pictures it seems that there was a train on both the local and express tracks at 96th, both signed as (1) trains. It is possible that there was a switching error leading to the OOS R62A colliding with the in-service train crossing over.


  2. 1 hour ago, IAlam said:

    Honestly the entire New Flyer fleet at CS isn’t doing to well. From a passenger POV those NG’s are much better than both the XD40’s and XD60’s. It feels like those buses are weren’t built well to begin with. The XD60’s in particular need to be removed from the Q44 ASAP otherwise they’ll be run into the ground soon.  

    The XD40s have gotten somewhat better as I believe some of them went in for their mid-life rehab, but still a very sluggish batch of buses. As for the XD60s, the Q44 just seems to be taxing on buses in general. Before they were replaced, the Nova LFSAs were also insanely beat up.

  3. Have not really been liking these new Nova diesels at Stengel. They seem to take bumps much harder, and I've noticed that the new plug doors don't like opening when you tap the tape. I've been on too many where people are screaming back door because they can't get it to open. Compared to the XD40s, some people are also not making enough space to fit two people in the width of the aisle, so these buses feel crowded much quicker. To make it even worse, I recently had one without working A/C and with a very warm rear section. Starting to miss those Orion NGs, they had the coldest A/C of any buses I've been on. I'm wondering if the Nova hybrids are any better, I've yet to be able to take a ride on one but I've heard good things about them.

  4. The QT81 is a terrible route. How many people from Whitestone would actually benefit from a bus connecting to Astoria? Chances are, most people are getting off or on at Flushing to go in one direction (either to/from Astoria, or to/from Whitestone). The worst part is, once there is traffic on one end of the route an entirely different group of people will suffer from it, going against what they set out to do...

    Not to mention the new routes in Bayside are going to screw certain people over, with the lack of weekend and off-peak service. I don't understand what function the QT71 serves, as it connects to no subway stops at all. 

    Generally, from how I see it, the way they re-did Northeast Queens was quite sloppy, connecting corridors that might not have much to relate to each other. I really think the number one thing should have been connecting people with the subway at all times, and with these new purple routes that are peak hours only, I think it might make things worse for a lot of people. 

  5. 10 hours ago, danielhg121 said:

    OMG I LOVED THOSE BUSES TOO!!! I WAS SO PISSED when they took them off the Q44, my home line. Gave us some subpar Allison XD60's I'm gonna be quite honest, they're just okay IMO but man those novas. Why the MTA take em away, I don't care if you giving us some high-tech blue and yellow shit, gimme the NOVAs

    Those XD60s are starting to get less bland with the noises. I noticed some operators like to mess around with the gears and some of them have the bus stop shifting at 3rd or 4th gear. Makes for some nice sound effects. Most 44 operators tend to haul ass as well, I was on 6000 and the dude was doing 40 down a stretch of Main Street, man was absolutely flying on that bus. 

  6. 8 hours ago, Lawrence St said:

    Has anyone else been noticing that the Bx12 SBS now just flashes "+SELECT BUS" on the outside with no destination?

    6001 does that on the Q44. It flashes super quick and only shows +SELECT BUS with a split second frame showing its destination, so it's very hard to notice. They're probably messing with the program on that sign and screwed up again. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, Cait Sith said:


    The MTA has not been happy with the other signs(that's currently on the SBS novas) because of their failure rate and the cost to repair them. The reliability of those signs sucks.

    I think it moreso has to do with the fact that some of those new buses do not have the new M79 SBS codes. Sometimes, when a bus does not have the new codes and the operator puts the appropriate code on the bus, it'll just stay blank on those. A sign that's not on doesn't always mean that they are broken.

    Those Luminator signs are absolute garbage. I don't know what they did to those signs on the XD40 batch that CS has, but multiple buses have been getting these large green boxes stuck on their destination signs. It's one thing when it happens to one bus, it's completely different when 5+ buses are experiencing the same issues with their signs. 

  8. 15 hours ago, IAlam said:

    It's nice that everything looks new and polished, but other than that still really bulky, and looks messy like the R142. The R142A/188 and the R143/160 look much nicer IMO Hopefully when I go back on Tuesday I can catch it for myself and see what it's like.

    I thought I was the only one who thought that. The Bombardier NTTs seem to feel/look different from the other ones (more bulky). It's minor differences (window frames, red light for doors) but it really does make the train feel a lot different than other NTTs. 

  9. 4 hours ago, East New York said:

    When the production buses are delivered.

    No, it's just delayed. MTA made a couple spec changes and the last time I checked the wrap wasn't perfected yet. Even though the first bus has not gone into service, MTA has already awarded Nova an option for an additional 72 production buses. 

    New fleet number update:

    Base 5439-5530 2018 delivery, pilots due any day now.

    Options 5531-5766 delivery completion 2019.

    What's the status on the XD40 order? Will we be seeing those buses in the next year or so? 

  10. What is up with the Main Street bus lane? They painted over the bus lane (which was red) with a dark red/black. The curbside bus lane on one of the streets is also always filled with cars. It says 4pm-7pm no standing yet at 5pm today there was 7 cars lined up in the bus lane. Seems like they are laying off on bus lane reinforcements and it's stupid. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Via Garibaldi 8 said:

    You call that bold? I didn't see one incident of that, and I was on the (4)(5) and (1) trains that night.  Later I got the BxM2 home and all was well.  If all that was hit was (E) trains, that likely means that it was the same individuals.

    Ever since Halloween I've spotted dozens of buses that were egged. Maybe it doesn't happen as often, but it still happens. There were XD60s on the 44 with eggs all over the window and I've seen other buses with egg on them as well. 

  12. The rush hour on the Q28-13-16 routes were pretty bad today. The line for the Q28 was three stops long, and the only bus that was there was told to leave with no standees. The next Q28 was changed to a short-turn Q13, and two more Q13s passed before a Q28 came. I passed this one up because I wasn't going to get a seat. Little did I know, the next bus was right behind and I wasn't going to walk all the way back to get on it. After it leaves, a fourth one comes and about five people board after me (out of a line that's still pretty long) and the farebox f*cks up. Out of my years and years of taking the bus, this was my first time seeing a MetroCard get stuck in the farebox. After all this, a 5th bus comes and the dispatcher tells him to leave with 6 people on board. I basically got home in an empty bus. There was a grand total of three buses in the opposite direction this whole time, so the rest of the rush hour was basically going to be a mess. They really have to work on traffic and how to get these buses moving. 

  13. They should really consider a rush hour bus lane on Northern Blvd in NE Queens. Buses in the morning are always late due to traffic from 149 all the way to the service road. In the afternoon and evening, traffic is heavy in the opposite direction from 150 to the LIRR stop. I'm pretty sure this traffic is what messes up the buses and throws off service. The intersection at 39 and Union should also be reworked, because traffic plagues that place almost past 12PM and it also delays the hell out of the buses. 

  14. Interesting... Either the light blue on the front is wrap or we have a paint scheme change moving forward.

    I'm pretty sure this whole time it's been a wrap (at least the front/back)...after a few scratches on the ones right now, you can see that behind the light blue is in fact yellow (rear area), meaning it's probably a wrap.

  15. Speaking of those announcements and screens, they're starting to get messed up. 5911 had a frozen screen when I was on it today, and 5915 was just weird. It kept restarting every time it loads up, so it would completely blackout and then start up again and play the announcement. As soon as it plays the announcement, it goes black again and repeated the whole ride. Sometimes, instead of blacking out and restarting, the computer would blue screen (they had Windows 8 or 10 in German I'm pretty sure) and then start back up. Weird stuff. 

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