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  1. Also, the LED sign WAS photoshopped. You see the fallen emergency lights? Well, just by looking at it you know that if you put them back up, they won't fit. Oh, and this looks like 2010. The front ad looks old, and it has no side ad and is completly clean. Looks like it just arrived.
  2. Hi, I'm new, but I know alot already. I have a youtube account called:NYCTransitFan I also have my very own transit forums in (link in my signature.):confused:
  3. Animated: 2009 Orion VII Ng Hybrid Please. With blue flashing lights. Q28 Flushing Main St Station Q28 +SELECT BUS SERVICE+ If you created another one, I hope you don't mind, but can I have this one^^^? Sorry.
  4. This happened around 5/6/2011 at 3:05. JUST NOW! Orion V 6044 just left the bus stop then it stoped. A bunch of school kids got off be cause of a disturbance. The driver left and they all spit on the bus. The next bus was Orion VII NG 4209. It was packed. They got on without paying and the bus was REALLY PACKED. Don't know what the hell happened. Oh well, guess the driver of the Orion V was annoyed at them.
  5. Hmm... I heard these depots help eachother. I've seen a video by Cait Sith on two RTS-06's on the Q44. Also, almost everyday I'm in my dad's store on Francis Lewis, I see Jamaica's NGs and RTS's. I also find it rare to fine a 2006-07 OG HEV or Orion V on the Q27. Anyone know what this leads to? EDIT: Also, almost everyday I'm in my dad's store on Francis Lewis, I see Jamaica's NGs and RTS's on the Q76.
  6. I remember there was a sound right before some 1993-1996 Orion V's(not sure about 1999's) it was LOUD. Its like VOOOOWW.
  7. My most favorite subway car was an R142A. The guy who kicked the doors should be charged for damaging property that is not his.
  8. EXCELLENT!! ESPECIALLY 1278 because I RODE IT 2 TIMES!!:tup::tup::tup:
  9. Fake, notice that the stuff fell down on the side of the bus? Well, that had to cause damage. LOOK! No side damage! Oh, and I thought Ulmer Park had no hybrids. The depot sticker looks like Ulmer Park.
  10. 1. Casey Stengel - Takes good care of buses. 2. Castleton - Takes care of their buses before the swap from Castleton - Casey Stengel
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about 6008. 6008 is a 1999 Orion V. I rode it and 3 wheelchair seats were the hard seats from 1 1994 Orion V. Just so you know are those vandal-proof fabric the thick ones on the Orion VII NG? I find Orion VII NG fabrics thicker that Orion VII OG/1999 Orion V's fabric.
  12. 6872's seats are the ones on the 1993-1995 non-suburban Orion V's.
  13. I have no pictures, but you can trust me right? Ok, that other day I was at the Q28 bus stop and was hoping to ride a 1996 Orion V with hard seats. Then, I saw an Orion VII and was like UGH. Then I saw the number and saw it was 6872, a whiteback. I was cheered up. Then, I saw that every single seat was hard. Not even one seat with fabric. Too exciting! Now, 6872 is one of my best buses. If you don't trust me, then go ride it yourself!!:tup:
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