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  1. ya. Btw, check out Ciboii22's lga pic thread. 3607's white backed!!!

  2. Can you make a new social group called Fans of Orion Vs?

  3. Hey, just curious, but what kind of special affects are you adding to my sign?

  4. LOL!!!! My birthday is October 30th!! 1 day after you.

  5. Hey, I'm NYCTransitFan on youtube.

  6. Can you please work on my requests? I have waited nearly a week for you to PM me them.

  7. Why is it taking so long to finish my request?

  8. Can you teach me how to make a R142A interior sign for my sig?

  9. Hey, I'm not rushing you, but when will my request for the LED/LCD signs ready?

  10. Ok, then this with Orion VII OG Hybrid (2006-07):

    Q57 Flushing

    Main St Station



  11. HEY! Would you please look at LED signs thread you made? I changed my mind if you haven't noticed.

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