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  1. Typo. The buses are being delivered next year, not this month. The artic pilot is not even built yet so until we see one no LFSA are coming here yet.

    Speaking of the LFSA, I hope that the next time they arrive the MTA doesn't go SEPTA on these buses and bring back the rear window. Otherwise I'm just looking at some ugly bs here, although for some reason the 40 fters make it work now.

    I honestly hate the rear windows, it's just a place for people to put their trash and stinks up the back of the bus. 

  2. I personally feel that the LFSA that run on the Q44 are worse on bumps than the XD40s. Sure, the XD40s are pretty damn bad on bumps. But damn, those LFSA cannot handle Main Street between 39 Av and 41 Av for sh*t without bouncing up and down like crazy. Personally, I think that if there was something that had the goods of the LFS (smooth ride, solid build quality) and the XD40 (good looks, more seats) it would be the 3G. 

  3. Soooooo....them Xcelsiors at Casey Stengel, quite a bunch of them are out of service for very dubious reasons.


    No wonder they kept the 2 Orion Vs.

    Speaking of which, I saw 7370 on the Q44 +SBS the other day.. It had a messed up sign. The blue background was now mixed in with an orange background and it looked like some sort of orange brown. The text was blue instead, and I have to admit it kinda looked nice with the blue text and dark-orangey background. There's also some other buses that have/had messed up signs, like 7426 and 7367. 7367 (pre-Q44 SBS) had this blue patch in its sign, and 7426 when I saw it the other day had random green lines on the front sign, reminded me of Christmas in a way. Those buses sway like crazy under uneven roads as well, which kind of is uncomfortable. 

  4. So today, 5907 was driving OOS (made a left onto Horace Harding from N/B Main Street) and it had a shattered window. The rear door closest to the back had a window that looked like someone threw a rock really hard at it, don't know if the driver knew about it or not. 

  5. The Q44 SBS was quite bad when I took it today. People wouldn't move away from those back doors, and my bus got delayed to the point where when I got off, 3 buses came up behind it. Then, the Q44 was full and didn't have space left for me when I was coming back. The Q20 driver didn't seem to want to accept the receipt, but I went anyways because I wasn't gonna wait for the next Q44. There was a lady at the bus stop saying that it should be OK for this time since she was telling everyone to pay at the machine (she was guiding the people). The Q20 I took ended up beating the SBS Q44 to Flushing.


    If there's one thing I say they did wrong, it would be the curbside bus lanes. Seriously, 4PM to 7PM? Traffic starts getting heavy after Elder at around 3. 

  6. Don't get it, bus service is terrible. The Q28 long was non-stop long today, the first bus probably wasn't even filled when it left and the line was still the length of two bus stops when it left. The second bus wasn't full either, and it left. I'm standing at the front of the line after two buses just left, and the line is still as long as it was before. By the time my bus comes, it actually gets filled and leaves. Looking back, the length of the line has not changed. No wonder why bus ridership declined for the Q28 recently, IMO the implementation of BusTime f*cked this route over. (Although I'm not completely putting the blame on one thing or just the operators.) 

  7. They have 3 Metrocard machines and 1 quarter machine at the John Bowne HS stops, but yet at 41 Av and Kissena Blvd stops they still have the typical 2 Metrocard machines and 1 quarter machine. The stop can get really crowded towards the rush (similar to the crowds at 38/39 Av stops), don't know why it doesn't have at least one more machine.

  8. Another reason why I HATE the doors on the LFSA:

    5926 on the Q44 - the third door's green light just would not shut the hell off. It would close, but still say "Touch Yellow Tape to Open Doors" all over again. Had to be taken out of service, shutting off the entire bus did nothing to solve the problem. There was a NIS bus behind it that SKIPPED the stop that the bus was taken OOS on, then goes into service at the next stop (saw on BusTime). And of course, I waited about 10-15 minutes and the next Q44 still wasn't there. Just waited to see what they would do. Is there a reason why the NIS bus (5264) didn't open it's doors to the people who were waiting (quite a lot) and instead just went to the next stop and into service anyways? The bus operator of 5926 said that there was a Q44 shortly behind, oh boy was that a lie considering how bad the service is. On another note, more and more bus stops now say +SBS instead of Limited now. 

  9. I think Orion 5 #6222 got fixed up recently. When I last saw it on Saturday, it was being parked and looked to be having work done to it. When I saw it today, the rear door had new stickers (the ones explaining how to open it) put on it, and was still running strong. Maybe that's not the best evidence of it being fixed up, but I'm pretty sure some other work was being done to it, considering there were lights and wires inside of that bus on Saturday. They also removed the Castleton sticker that's been on that bus for weeks (maybe even months). 

  10. Wonder what's up with 6222. Saw it from the Target at Skyview center, driving towards Flushing. From above, it looked like as if it had lights laying on the floor inside and wires coiled up on the seats. Then, when coming home, it was parked at the Q13, Q16 and Q28 terminal. There were workers inside of it and I heard noises. I had no clue what was happening. There were also bus operators in that bus as well. 

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