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  1. Scratch the titan, since you have the flipdot fonts I don't want my sign to look crappy when resized so give me a new flipdot letters with this template :


    Hope its not to much and hope I'm not that annoying....


  2. 6893 is back to service, just saw it on the Q13.

  3. I have these usernames that didn't post yet :



    Bus #2023



  4. WHAT?! Those R62A's HAUL ASS during express runs! :eek::eek:

  5. "Shane" just registered here. Wow.

  6. I love them for their looks and propulsion/HVAC.

    R142's suck cause they are dirty, loud and suckish HVAC, and damn propulsion.


    When are you goin to join NYC Transit Talk? I asked you but you never joined!

  7. R142A's for LIFE!!!

    (Especially 7767 :P)

    Btw, this is cause I heard R142A's are your most favorite subway car.

  8. Glad you started to post here Iman!

  9. Happy birthday mah man!

  10. Thanks! I'll present the flipdots when I present the rest of my R160 letters (tomorrow or late to night)

  11. Yeah can you do the letters for me?

  12. Sorry, but can you do flipdot letters in the template below? :




  13. Thanks man!


    Btw, when are you making a subway sign/bus sign thread on NYC Transit Talk?

  14. Huh, I guess my hiatus ends early LOL.

  15. What depot do you work for?

  16. Can I use and edit your template please?

  17. Can you PM me the flipdot letters?

  18. I'll take the first one and thanks!!

  19. So....Your TrainFanatic. Why did you register a new account?

  20. Hahahaha I guess you saw my sig during the few seconds I was editing it...

    OMG I am LMFAOing soooo hard.


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