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  1. He is talking about the Manhattan bound platform, how towards the back, there is a fence and then the platform extends all the way back. My guess is that it probably gives access to some sort of staff area there, as some trains do terminate at Mets- Willets Point. 

  2. Replies in red...

    Things I have noticed, seen, or have questions about recently:

    • XD40's on CS routes suck 
    • any time I get on an CS XD40 its always crowded and feels like it has less standing space
    • Depends on what time of day you ride them.
    • I have never seen air assist work on any of the city's XD40 untill I rode a CS XD40
    • The 46xx NG's that are at CS have a problem, where I touch the tape yet the door doesn't open. It worked for the first time today on 4679, however. 
    • I miss those tapes to request stops, by the roof on the OV's 
    • Why are there so many shorties on the Q44 recently, like more than normal?
    • They're usually only on the Q44 at night, or at mid-day/rush hour where school and more demands require buses. Normally you only see 1 or 2. 
    • CS won the 2015 bus roadeo as stated by the huge banner in front of the depot when i pass by on the <7>
    • Yup, got a picture of the big banner about a few days ago. It said "Home of the 2015 MTA Bus Roadeo winner"
    • Bus drivers have gotten a lot ruder recently ever since school started this year (excluding express buses)
    • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205055098525674&set=gm.900750049994868&type=3&theater
    • Someone on the Transit photos and videos in FB group caught another VII on the QM15
    • There is no bus bullets for Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island routes on the forums 

    That is all 

    Speaking about the Q44, bus bunching is also a problem, and so is traffic and boarding time. Riding the Q44 in the morning really is a pain in the ass. They've re-paved Main Street from Elder Av to Kissena Blvd. Looks like the new roads will be painted w/ bus lanes. 

  3. BusTime has quite the glitches. Previously, it said 2291 was on the Q76. Now, it says 2788 is on the Q28. Not to mention the app is horrible after iOS 9. 

    EDIT: It is actually showing 2788 running the route, in service. Pretty sure that's not actually happening though. 

    EDIT #2: The service gap on the line seems pretty normal, including 2788. Without 2788, than the service gap would be pretty big. 

    EDIT #3: So I gave someone a call who happened to be riding the Q28, #4218. He did tell me that he saw a bus pass in the other direction, which happened to correspond with the location of 2788. My guess is that it is either a GPS screw up that displayed the wrong number, or, in a 1/500 chance, 2788 might actually be on the Q28...

  4. There is a sense of "safety" being let out by the driver (as opposed to getting off at the back of a bus).... Which leads to the broader issue - standing by the front door - to be the first one to get off the bus..... Same reason why you get people leaning on the doors & standing by the doors in a subway train.....


    This is actually a lame excuse farebeaters use to hop the back of the bus - because there's so many people standing in front... But that's another topic....

    There was actually a time where my bus operator told people to pay the fare up front and get in the bus through the back. I just hate it when there's a crowded bus and people act like they're going to die if they step up the stairs into the higher portion of the bus. Nobody ever does it, no matter how many times the driver has to yell for people to step all the way back. They aren't even that tall either. 

  5. Rode on a B84 LFS today and i got to say the bus was built well,looks good and everything.

    However the capacity is horrible. like dam who the hell they expect take these buses?

    One guy had to bend his head in rear of the bus not to mention you got little to no leg room.

    Thank god it wasn't on the B6, would've been a nightmare on Flatlands Ave...

    I just feel bad for the customers and operators in our case MTA who have to put up with Nova's poor

    decision on a bus design. More like a Transit Garbage than a  transit solution...


    I really agree with you that the Nova LFS has terrible design. IMO, the Orion VII OG Gen II+, the Orion VII NG, and the Orion V feel like the most spacious buses to me and also have one of the best seating arrangements. The U-shape seating arrangement in the rear makes it so that there's more space for standees, and it also reduces the amount of vandalism at the back of the bus because people can't tag the back of a chair. Not to mention the fabric walls of the OG and NGs also makes it so that they can't write on them. The two seaters are on the driver side of the bus, which offers I think one more seat than the current design as well. The Nova LFS feels tiny compared to the Orion VII NG. The seating arrangement of the rear of the buses also prevents a problem with leg room. The XD40s are a step up from the Nova LFS, but are still smaller (IMO) than what the older buses were. 

  6. The rear doors on the LFSA's really do suck.

    They make this loud hissing sound (pretty annoying IMO) and then they open extremely slowly. Then, like on the Q44, when lots of people get off, they keep trying to close and people have to prevent them from closing on them. All you hear is, "doors closing, doors closing, doors closing" and with this rear door pushing against you. At least on all other buses that it was easier to keep the door open when it wants to shut, but on the LFSAs they are awful. Riding an XD40 right after an LFSA, you really do notice a difference when you use the rear doors. Do I need to mention that when someone stands remotely close to the door area when the bus is crowded, it won't close? I don't think I'm the only one who hates the rear door on those buses though..

  7. I dont usually ride express buses so I was just wondering how transfers from the subway / local bus to express bus work...

    Basically, you pay the regular fare on the local bus/subway ($2.75) and I think how it works is that if you transfer to an express bus, you don't have to pay another $2.75. However, you do have to pay the rest of the express bus fare. So, pretty much, you still have to pay, but you don't have to pay the $2.75 from the subway or local bus you just took. 

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