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  1. Only up to 1600 eh? It seems to really look like I'm skipping out the MTA career as I'm progressing in my current career.
  2. I was around the trail-end of that, 5:30ish PM. I thought the buses were being re-routed down Lexington for the BM's but ironically enough I caught my BM3 at 54th and 5th. But the traffic on 23rd was ridiculous.
  3. The buses are indeed clean...on the outside. But generally in the morning rush, everything is fine; spotless inside. It's the evening rush back that I usually catch the filthy ones. (inside the bus of course). I started taking a later bus and it's been cleaner at least. But I've definitely had some issues with the 4:00-6:00PM buses...(pretty much the super expresses going back to Brooklyn.)
  4. Anywhere to complain about the cleanliness of the express buses? Specifically the BM3 and BM4. I'm not sure if it's my luck or not but lately on the way home; the BM3/4's I catch are freakin' filthy or have a bad odor to them. Ugh.
  5. Grew up with the RTS', will definitely missed them!
  6. These people are homeless, still no excuse. I haven't ridden the subway in so long and after watching that video, I'm glad I don't.
  7. If I were in my twenties, I would have considered it for the pension alone. But now I'm comfortable in my spot with room to grow still! Though worse come to worse, I can defer this for any future mishaps with the company? My list number is #34xx
  8. Got a random call today, about passing OPA...thought I'd get a letter instead of a call. Either way, don't think I'll be going through the process if I get the real call. Landed a pretty solid spot and I'll be taking a severe pay cut if I took the conductor position instead. Even with MTA pension, I don't think it's worth it to be honest. Good luck to everyone else though!
  9. The only times I've decided against a cab/rideshare is when I have to go to a client in Lower Manhattan, I just take the train there to avoid headaches. The last time I took a cab into Lower Manhattan, the driver asked me if I wanted to take West Side or FDR to head back north and honestly it didn't matter since gridlock as so bad. But anywhere in Midtown or Chelsea, I'll take a cab any day.
  10. I was in the same shoes as you VG8, took the subway to the client...took Lyft back to the office. Can't really complain on taking Uber or Lyft but my company pays for Lyft so Lyft is was. (I also had nothing to carry.)
  11. I don't normally take pictures of trains or buses, I'm more of a landscape/architectural photographer. IMG_0562 by Dennis Leung, on Flickr
  12. They did mention it however it wasn't a direct proposal of eliminating the , they however still suggested it. Page 60, bottom section: "Many of these lines suffer from infrequent service today, with headways greater than two minutes in the peak. CBTC along with service simplification will help solve the demands placed on the Brighton and West End Lines. This could be done by eliminating the B to create more capacity on the 6th Ave line for the D in Manhattan and enable more reliable single service on the Brighton line as well as increase service on the West End line"
  13. In the plan, they wanted to eliminate the as well.
  14. So who did I see today at Kings Highway taking photos of the terminating there? 😁
  15. What's the typical medical procedures for MTA?
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