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  1. There will always be a good crowd and bad crowd in almost every hobby. Some of you guys are making a big deal out of something that happens everywhere. Car scene, shoe scene, sports scene. Christ, don't let that crap get into your heads...oh wait.

    1. peacemak3r


      No, that one shutdown because of these types of events still does not justify this to be a "big" deal. Yeah it may be a big deal in this community, but overall, it's petty and happens to any other "hobby" community if something goes wrong.

    2. peacemak3r


      You could take the shoe scene for example, it use to be civil...now it's filled with hypebeasts and savages killing for them.

    3. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      Word...some of these guys are being outright harassed by the other "good" railfans and it's getting way out of hand. (Not defending the foamers)

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