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  1. 3273-3277 and 3283-3287 now in service on the as of this morning. The R179 numbers on the are 3010-3019, 3238-3287 (6 sets in total).
  2. 5870-5877 from Pitkin to Jamaica this week.
  3. Does anyone have any details about the Queens Blvd shutdowns when they used to do it due to the 63 St connector work before 2001?
  4. I mean the baseball specials have to line up on the middle track before the game ends to get ready and lots of Yankee fans rely on the and where would the specials come from if you cut off Jerome Yard access? There is a major reason why they want the running normal in the Bronx when there are a Yankee home games.
  5. @m2fwannabe Any R46 transfers recently since the 3 set of R179s went into service on the ?
  6. Would there be any transfers from jamaica to Coney or Coney to Concourse?
  7. 3230-3237 is now in service on the
  8. 3070-3073 is doing burn in on the now and it’s coupled with 3146-3149 from ENY
  9. Looks that way for now. I saw 8 R179s on the today but only 3 R32s on the and 1 R46 on the .
  10. Anyway. I wonder where 3070-3073 will end up if 3230-3237 is doing burn in right now.
  11. Don’t be so sure. Anything can happen in Transit.
  12. I think it has to do more with the placement of the switches between West 8 St and Coney Island.

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