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  1. j express

    R179 Discussion Thread

    3142-3149 now in service on the
  2. j express

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    There is no need for a northern section since you have the on SAS and the along with the and is enough to cover Broadway on those weekends
  3. j express

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    No service to/from Manhattan on October weekends most of them I mean at the same time. But the and will be running to/from Manhattan.
  4. j express

    Track book photo contest and call for submissions

    Im thinking of posting NYCT transit musuem yard tour photos from the for the photo contest. What proof you recommend for photos coming from yard tours?
  5. j express

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Any delivered subway car takes time to hit revenue service. You can’t just put the train in service right away off the flatbed truck. They have to do through testing and inspection before hitting revenue service. Give it time.
  6. j express

    New York City Subway car listing

    I saw both sets on the yesterday. I’m surprised there are still R46s on the tbh
  7. j express

    New York City Subway car listing

    6074-6077 to Coney for service. There are still 2 R46s on the as of recently. 5954-5957 is the other set.
  8. j express

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    That was during Clark st weekend closures.
  9. j express

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I have seen IRT lines during flagging G.Os have a combined 17.5 to 18 tph. I wonder why the B division runs slighty less tph combined during flagging G.Os.
  10. j express

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There are 4 car conductor boards on Culver now. I wonder why
  11. j express

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Okay Car Assignment Planner Thai.
  12. j express

    Behind the scenes: Jamaica Yard

    Theres a few trains stored in Jamaica but most of the s are stored on Hillside or Fresh Pond.
  13. Pictures: 37890739_1821815727907959_367990422804365312_o by jw456, on Flickr 37822423_1821815671241298_3886579428716707840_o by jw456, on Flickr Video:
  14. Taken on a NYCT museum tour last Saturday. Pictures: 37611424_1813453742077491_782520763335835648_o_1813453738744158 by jw456, on Flickr 37611441_1813455508743981_3183754536632188928_o_1813455498743982 by jw456, on Flickr 37611938_1813455055410693_1863523968284098560_o_1813455048744027 by jw456, on Flickr 37562496_1813456765410522_3340801355840225280_o_1813456755410523 by jw456, on Flickr 37588068_1813454328744099_2670685019126628352_o_1813454322077433 by jw456, on Flickr 37643198_1813454752077390_6041131227086323712_o_1813454748744057 by jw456, on Flickr 37661340_1813457078743824_4777751092135985152_o_1813457068743825 by jw456, on Flickr 37660303_1813455922077273_6949706033564483584_o_1813455918743940 by jw456, on Flickr 37571920_1813488712073994_1542938954951557120_o_1813488708740661 by jw456, on Flickr 37568637_1813453888744143_4399505228026609664_o_1813453878744144 by jw456, on Flickr 37564145_1813457422077123_5931806309195186176_o_1813457418743790 by jw456, on Flickr 37561303_1813456208743911_8171298168244273152_o_1813456202077245 by jw456, on Flickr 37691209_1813454392077426_7033029610287661056_o_1813454385410760 by jw456, on Flickr 37691198_1813456062077259_6864659346026921984_o_1813456055410593 by jw456, on Flickr 37694197_1813455298744002_6250901479977123840_o_1813455292077336 by jw456, on Flickr Video:
  15. j express

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Anyway, 3074-3077 and 3126-3129 is at ENY doing burn in testing.


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