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  1. Those are your random numbers, MTA picks candidates randomly. They also used it as a list number but will not execute in numerical order. So if your number is 1250 the next person is 1251, that is not the way MTA are calling. You having 1250 and other people say 2000 its true because i was number 1600 and was called but declined the offer. However, the thing is you random number has nothing to do how they call candidates. Hang in there.
  2. I declined the offer. I am a carpenter and to start all over as a bus operator was not viable at this point. Another eight years i retire as a carpenter.
  3. Hi dont worry they will get to ya soon. I already was called several weeks ago and my number was 1600. Although JakaMo85 was told the number is up to 1250 that shows that does not matter. I was called for April 15, 2014list number 1600
  4. Im not going for it. In just nine years left for my retirement. But good luck to all who are going for it.
  5. AS long you have your Class B learners permit you can take the road test with the MTA for free only cost to you is the road test. Better than spending $700 unless that is what you like to do.
  6. for those who are still waiting my list number is 1600 and got a letter for pre-employment at 180 Livingston Street Brooklyn NY. now you guys know where you all stand with a list number low or high. Ok good luck for those getting the job as Bus Operator. Exam Number 2301 once appointed as Bus Operator will work in either locations of the following boroughs: Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Yonkers. Bus Operator ATU 1179 MTABC. Make sure you have Class B with Passenger No Restriction Endorsement or at least a Lerner's Permit. Good Luck to all.
  7. 2301 Bus operator

  8. Yeah i also gave up waiting to be called last year as well. I rather stay where I am at as well. This is a good opportunity for those without jobs and dead end jobs.
  9. You are called based on your random number. This is not like other exams that if you get 97% the list number is 5. The exam was not even an exam. It was common sense questions to see if we are fit to drive MTA Bus. I have been waiting for a while, I was offered a part-time job but without benefits. Sooner or later we all will get called just a matter of time and the amount of retirees. You will hear different opinions from others but what I mentioned is how MTA is calling down candidates by random numbers.
  10. Your list number is your random number. If you passed the BOSS then you get the random number. When they established a list, your random number is your list number. You are called randomly. This is not that I passed with a 100 I get to be number 1 and called fast. Its you random number. Something new MTA Bus Company developed. You question has been answered since the original date of 2301. You just didn't pay attention.
  11. MTA will look into your criminal record to make the determination. Since your provided Certificate of Relief they may determine you as fit to drive the bus in NYC. However, it is discretionary, they will be seeking for repeated offender status. If those are your only convictions, although its misdemeanors and the amount of misdemeanors their decision may be in your favor or not in your favor. Now you stated, all your Certificates of Relief what that means you have more than one certificate of relief?
  12. i agree thats only for school bus drivers under Article 19-A for city bus operators MTA has their medical team.
  13. @Pumacell, i doubt that too but you said your restriction is A3 that's the restriction you cannot have on your license. I really dont understand why DMV used those codes maybe depends on the test you took and the score of it. I mean why DMV would place such a restriction on your permit? The letter states no restriction, hope it will not affect you. Wish you the best.
  14. you cdl must have passenger endorsement class b with no restrictions your letter clearly state that. It may affect you on the hiring process.
  15. 3101 been out since last year so is not just one month 2301 was the first bus operator to come out followed by 3101 then 4600 3101 is mabstoa and 4600 is ta and 2301 is bc i agree but MTA are still giving those exams that explains why the list number is so high in the 4000's my number is 1600 a random number converted to a list number

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