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  1. Just wanted to share a couple of announcement videos I posted for people who are interested in these sort of vid. Quite a few people asked me to make announcement videos for the 9 train and the 1 train to south ferry, so here they are! Ive done some work on my end to restore the audio and make it level throughout the video but keep in mind some of these recordings are over 10 years old. To my knowledge the R142s do not have the Train Program anymore so heres your chance to peek into history. Train Skip Stop to 242 Street: Train to South Ferry including the loop station announcement at Rector street : and here's a few Bonus videos I uploaded recently for those who enjoy these type of videos. via Queens Blvd to 179 Street : via Pelham Express to Pelham Bay Park Announcements:
  2. Caught this 4 Car R179 Set heading to the east. As it passes Marcy Ave it meets the now 53 year old R32 sitting on the Express track. Pretty cool to see the newest fleet with the oldest of the active fleet.
  3. A not in service R160 R Train pushing a R46 R train through King Hwy on the N line while a rerouted R160 R train passes in the back. Unusual to see a 18 car long train and it being two different incompatible fleet types with an NTT coupled to a R46. The R46 was disabled due to a mechanical malfunction at 77 street and was towed back to Coney Island for repairs. Due to the delays caused by the train several R trains were sent via the West end (D Line) and Sea beach (N line) and you can see one of those passing in the background. Recorded 6/18/2017
  4. This was pretty interesting to see as both line normally run R68s and not NTT equipment: and some pictures from that evening including the R160 D meeting a rerouted R160 N train.
  5. Here is the cab for anyone interested: (Although i made this for the Openbve simulator, this is what it looks like IRL) Compare it to the 160 cab and you can see the new PA on the left , new TOD and some buttons got shifted around and the CBTC select box on the right got integrated into the TOD dash
  6. Although that is a screenshot from the simulator, this is what the R179 cabin looks like in real life.
  7. Some action from the brighton line, first we have a visit from the R68a and as a bonus it was signed up as an Orange Q: and on the return trip with the correct yellow Q Rollsign And finally some Snow removal for the Brighton Express tracks:
  8. Yup, hopefully they get some work on them done in 207 so they can run a fan trip sometime in the next few years
  9. Posted the full announcements from Flatbush to Dyre Ave :
  10. Its been a very long time since i had a chance to post a video, so i figured i might as well make it an announcement video. This was recorded from R142 6555, and has the new experimental announcements to shorten dwell time in the station. That's the plan, however with this new program some stations actually have much longer arrival announcements such as 59 street. Anyways enjoy, and I have a few more and announcement vids coming up too.
  11. This was a wonderful fan trip and well worth the $50. The Ride was very smooth in the 11 and you can hear the motors scream when they were running at full speed along the flats. Here are some on board videos and various run-bys from today: On board speed runs: R40 Slant - R42: R11/R34 - R16 : Some various run bys: Some photos:
  12. Some footage from yesterdays catch. These cars are being relocated to Concourse yard due to a G.O. where 207 street yard is un-accessible.

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