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  1. But no. It's going by a particular, realistic schedule if there's no delays. There's no reason to truly rush to process. Kawasaki has done a good job so far based on their track record, I guess....
  2. Because Competition and diversity is a thing with bidding..... #1. You make it sound like it might be a bad thing. #2. Kawasaki is not the confirmed award winners for the 262s. If you're not aware, up to speed, these R62 replacements are under considerable planning and discussion. With that being said, nothing is said in stone yet. Patience, good sir....
  3. Gentlemen..... Please give me a fruitless, logical reasoning for why would CBTC hold any obligational demand on a route serving two stations only with it's own tunnels crossing midtown 1/2 mile......??? I'm looking at the track map of said tunnels and wondering WHY!?!?
  4. 3070-73 is still on property, it still counts as compilation of delivery. Dude wasn't referring to testing really.....
  5. 1. It's too early to tell for sure. 2. Suck it up or take a different route until the replacements arrive.
  6. Option #2 = 405 cars (81 five-cars sets) + 32 cars (8 four-car sets)
  7. Let's not derail this thread so early before the bidding and conceptions starts, fellas.
  8. We cannot rule out the heavy possibility of a mix fleets of 160s and 211s on the , that's for sure. And if Jamaica might swap their some 46s with some Coney Island's 160s this later in the year, anything can happen with 211s, especially with fleet expansion. So the possibility of the 211s on the alongside with the R160s isn't that far-fetched. It depends on the in the 2020s if they choose to replaces a handful of 68s with some 211s and order a equivalent number of 68s replacements in the late 2020s. The chances of the 179s going to the seems possible as well but who knows, we'll have to where the decade truly takes it's course.
  9. Fixed, 12 more ten-car sets coming. Total 13 trains. overall fleet total 318 cars..... again.
  10. Aren't there proposal threads for this type of discussion? Just pointing that out there....
  11. Wait a goddamn minute..... that is a shameless lie and you know it..... take it from a person that uses the B6 on a regular basis, but it should be obvious to everyone. God, it's like a stolen valor case at this rate....
  12. I am so gonna track the delivery schedule next year lol. Thank you, ENY!
  13. Wow, either this is a general discussion thread or a chaotic group chat foaming at the mouth.... one can only wonder what this could be lol. Jesus..... popcorn anyone?

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