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  1. Wait a goddamn minute..... that is a shameless lie and you know it..... take it from a person that uses the B6 on a regular basis, but it should be obvious to everyone. God, it's like a stolen valor case at this rate....
  2. I am so gonna track the delivery schedule next year lol. Thank you, ENY!
  3. Wow, either this is a general discussion thread or a chaotic group chat foaming at the mouth.... one can only wonder what this could be lol. Jesus..... popcorn anyone?
  4. GA 3961 on the B83 heading to B'way Junction. It's a loan apparently
  5. 3010-3049 (40 cars) 3238-3327 (90 cars) 130 cars total Numbers fixed.....
  6. Update here (pages 11-17) Confirmed! It's the real thing, guys!
  7. When they are exercised to success, the spec will be standard from the first option of the order to moving forward to future successors.
  8. Boring? The tunnels already exists north of 96th, up to 120th
  9. Well.... 2019 is gonna be fun for this newborn lol. Can't wait to see the final product(s)
  10. You're the one jumping to the conclusion that 10 new buses would replace 125 BUSES of said hybrids. Just sayin' "Bro"..... ☺️ Jesus..... I don't want to hear the "mind your business" bull crap because you walked right into it on a public message board site.... Honestly~
  11. Swissport is contractor with the Port Authority in JFK Airport, in the shuttle bus operations. You need a clear schedule and a driver's license. it might be some in LGA and Newark but I'm not sure. JFK airport will take anyone with common sense and a license, no matter the experience or not. They'll train. The waiting is only a month for background checks and validation processes, then the orientation depending on your chosen company. http://www.caonynj.com/
  12. All I'm saying is that all of them don't really need to be displaced. A small number of buses can be around being that there's four to five years of life the older hybrids have within them. I like the NGs but in the near future they will be picked out into the chopping block and newer buses will be needed in case if age has a significant toll of the vehicles. Obviously, in life nothing lasts forever. DUH!!!! And for the record, it does not matter where they go. All we know is the preliminary details of where they could go and anything can be changed with just a similar command by the Ops 'there' and of course 'here'. It's all a matter of waiting and watching for new developments. Not cheap speculations and assumptions from the ass.

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