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  1. Just rode one of the new cars on the 7, love the new lighting though
  2. First time riding the today, after working on a crane all day, I decided to take the subway to go to work instead of driving.
  3. I actually saw one on the Bx11 at Shakespeare Ave a few days ago and another one at the Bx35. I said to myself, wth an rts??
  4. Does anyone know how are the Bravos relaying at BPB as of this moment?
  5. Concourse does an amazing job with their fleet, awesome A/C today!
  6. I actually rode one set a month ago, nice ride to 74 street!
  7. Damn, this is terrible. What ever happened to accountability?
  8. So this thread is back?? I just wanted to say at least that I do have a gf who is an awesome young girl. She loves me for who I am and not how I look, not many women out there are like that.
  9. Soo Masahiro Tanaka has been finally posted. I read somewhere that the Cubs are interested and that "they will not be outbid". Sure thing Theo, grab a chair as soon as the Yankees sign Tanaka from everyone. I've seen him pitch, he's very good but not an ace. Pitches up in the zone but throws in the mid 90's. If the Yankees sign him, hopefully he can be a Kuroda or a Hisashi Iwakuma kind of guy.
  10. Train w/ mechanical problems at 72/CPW. Could it be just a door problem on a 68A or 32?
  11. Yeah so the Yankees signed Brian Roberts, umm Eric Chavez anyone? Well if he is healthy, I don't think he'll play everyday. He's most likely a part time player if healthy. Also they signed Thorton, cheaper than what Boone Logan got I guess although his fastball velocity is declining.
  12. And Mark Ellis signs with the St. Louis Cardinals. Most likely to help or mentor Kolten Wong. I hope the Yankees do not sign Brian Roberts. And say no to DatDudeBP, too expensive of a contract for somebody who is declining terribly. Start with Kelly Johnson and see what they have from there. God, Omar Infante though. That guy is not worth that much money at all. I guess mediocrity costs this much now and days. And Dan Uggla? All he has is power, that's it. Remember the 3 or 4 errors he made at the '08 All Star Game? He's that terrible defensively too. There's no second basemen out there. Just sign Mark Reynolds to platoon with Johnson, I don't think it's a bad idea. Joba to Detroit? Didn't he said he wanted to be a starter? I guess nobody is going to give him that chance.
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