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  1. You have to go to Centre street in Manhattan and restore it. They will give You a receipt 🧾 and send a letter in the mail. Go there in person. That is the best way to know everything wemt through. 1 Centre Street. 21st floor.
  2. This list doesn't expire until the year 2020. The way the poster worded it made it sound like the list would terminate on the date they are supposed to report.
  3. Contact DCAS ASAP. I did last week because I missed my letter. I moved and never received it. Do You need the number? You'll have to go to the building and reinstate Yourself.....
  4. Congrats to all those who have passed and good luck on your line training. Please keep all that the trainers have told you in mind. It’s easy to get too comfy and lose site of things. I’m one who likes to go by the book. Best wishes to all, once again. Always remember, SAFETY FIRST!!!
  5. Hey Scorpio. When you made the Xfer, did you lose seniority and did you have to go back to training on the bus? I will probably be making the transition, myself from OA.
  6. This guy needs to chill. I worked for NJ Transit, too, and I still learned a lot, even after my few years of experience operating a bus. With , you have to do things a little different. I see quite a few operators making turns rather quickly. I turn slow. I don't care who is behind me. I want to make sure not a thing is around my bus when I execute my turns. I hope he realized that, even with his experience, he has much to learn, also. The mirror set up at NJ Transit is not the same as at .
  7. I have been through the process, already and I had to go back 10 years.
  8. The will send notice, before your results come in, if you passed the BOSS or not. I am on that list, also, but I took the MaBSTOA test that same year. I think they are still on the TA 2613 list.
  9. The list is in the 6000's, I believe. I am #54**. You should hear something shortly.
  10. There is usually a form on the website that they will tell you to print and fill out. I think it is on the page that displays all the tests that will be availed to applicants by a certain date, but you scroll all the way down to the bottom and there is a link.
  11. The NICE Bus may require you to have one years experience. The recruiter is very picky about who he hires. Go for it, though.
  12. And after you get it on your own, get some experience!!! It's always best to get behind the wheel of even a school bus so you get the feel of a bus.
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