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  1. Well I have no updates lol. I haven't played Trainz in a while because I don't have a suitable computer to play it on.
  2. This forum always goes dead after a while. I've been watching it for the last 4-5 years. It'll go after for a short time with everyone posting updates, then silence, and it's always for long periods too. I guess people just get caught up in their everyday lives
  3. It will thats gonna be the new firmware after the 10th , I already have it & I love it Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Perfect Shots ! I have a question, i've always wondered this & my question has always gone unanswered but why does the circle around the letter spin? For example in ur photo of the Queen train , the circle around the Q isn't complete. Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  5. Lmao you know it but I already solved the issue a simple password change was the key.
  6. Hey guys I know im not supposed to be here asking questions like this on this forum & iv'e been scolded before but I honestly have no idea were else to I just recently got Trainz back on my computer & im having issues with my account theres something wrong with my account Auran isn't allowing me access to the Download Station or the Auran website. I don't understand why because my serial code clears & my account clears on the Trainz forums. Im confused do you think you can help? I thought I had figured it out, I had thought my account had been disabled from me because of me not using it for so long, but the question is how do i reactivate the account because if i don't reactivate it then I won't be able to access the Download Station
  7. Yeah it got released if you go through the pages you should find it
  8. I miss the Forum it use to be mad fun with all the pictures and stuff what happened where is everyone? B)
  9. Yeah its been really quiet as of latey nobody has posted here in almost a month where is everyone School? 😥
  10. Say were can I get Green Eggs NYCTA Custom Station Kit?
  11. Yaya finally somebody's doing the F Line my fav line when its done will it be up for download.
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