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  1. Regarding the OG's that were loaned to SC: 3508 is back at JFK. 3520 & 3780 are back at BP. 3522 appears to still be at SC, last tracked on the B103 today.
  2. There is extremely limited service between 34 St-Hudson Yards and Queensboro Plaza while we work to move a work train experiencing mechanical problems at Grand Central-42 St. Hudson Yds-bound express service is suspended in Queens. Main St-bound service will operate on the Hudson Yards-bound track from Times Sq-42 St to Hunters Point Av. Some 34 St-bound trains will turn back toward Main St at Woodside-61 St or Queensboro Plaza. LIRR is cross-honoring MetroCard holders at no additional charge at Flushing-Main St, Woodside-61 St and 34 St-Penn Station. Transfer to the , , or at 74 St-Broadway or to the or trains at Queensboro Plaza for service to/from Midtown Posted: 1/12/21 8:23 AM
  3. Again.. PART SUSPENDED Posted: 01/06/2021 3:29PM , and trains are delayed and/or rerouted while we investigate a loss of power in the tunnel between Manhattan and Queens. and service is suspended between 57 St-7 Av and Queensboro Plaza. trains are rerouted via the and lines in both directions between 57 St-7 Av and 36 St in Queens. For service between Manhattan and Queens consider taking nearby and train service.
  4. Suspended There are extensive delays and multiple impacts to A, C and D service because of water leaking onto the tracks at 81 St-Museum of Natural History from street level. There is no A, C or D service between 59 St-Columbus Circle and 125 St. The best alternatives for train service in Manhattan are... F trains. If you’re coming from Brooklyn, transfer at Jay St-MetroTech.‌ 1 trains. If you’re headed downtown, transfer at 59 St. N, Q and R trains. If you’re headed downtown, walk from 59 St-Columbus Circle to 57 St-7 Av. Here are more details: Trains Service is running in multiple sections. Between 207 St and 125 St Between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd, making local stops A shuttle train between Euclid Av and Far Rockaway-Mott Av Some northbound A trains starting from Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd will turn back southbound at Jay St-MetroTech or Chambers St to reduce congestion. Trains Service is suspended in both directions. Some trains that have already departed from Euclid Av may run on the E line from 42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal into Queens. Trains Service is running in two sections. Between Norwood-205 St and 125 St Between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Coney Island-Stillwell Av Some northbound trains will turn back at 36 St in Brooklyn to reduce congestion. Alternatives For service in Midtown, Upper West Side and Harlem, take 1 trains. Here are stations where transfers are available to/from the 1 train. 14 St on the F line. Transfer to/from D trains at Broadway-Lafayette St. 42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal on the A line. 59 St-Columbus Circle on the A and D lines. 168 St on the A line. For service from Brooklyn into Manhattan, transfer from A trains to F trains at Jay St-MetroTech. Transfer from D to 2, 3, N and 2 trains at Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr. For service from Queens/the Rockaways, transfer at Euclid Av to a local A train. Posted: 12/25/20 10:05 AM
  5. 4133 CS to MQ, seen in Midtown with stickers replaced. Was tracking on the M20 earlier.
  6. Part Suspended There are multiple impacts to , , and train service while emergency teams are responding to someone who was struck by a train at 14 St-Union Sq. There is no and train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn. For stations between Whitehall St and 28 St, consider using nearby and trains. Some Whitehall St-bound trains are rerouted onto the line from 36 St in Queens and ending at 2 Av where they will turn back to Queens for service. For service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, consider taking or trains. Posted: 10/25/20 2:13 PM
  7. So I thought I'd share a little experience I had today... So I was over at Washington Heights this evening trying to get home and was waiting at 168th in front of the hospital for the next Midtown bus, and I walk over to the s/b M5 stop and see 4263 parked there. I believe I tracked it on the n/b M5 running pretty late (15+ mins behind) and it probably got short turned as a result. Maps says that the next one was coming in around 4 mins, and since there was no other bus leaving 178th, I assumed he'd just go into service there. About a minute before the bus was scheduled, the op turns on the bus, and those of us waiting start walking up but alas, he quickly pulls out NIS and starts speeding away down Broadway (I watched it go down a few blocks), so I instead crossed the street for the M3 that was just about to turn in, as the next M5 was another 20 min wait. I thought that he might've just been going back to the depot (which didn't make a lot of sense if he was on layover), but what do you know, I pull up the tracker a few mins later and 4263 was in service on the M5 for the trip I'd expected it to be on, around the 150s. I'm just curious as to whether it was his personal choice to do so or not, and as to why whomever might feel that he couldn't just go into service from where he was at... everyone waiting at stops north of 157th (where I think he started making stops) went a whole 40 mins without an M5 passing, and it just seems like a big inconvenience. IIRC, this has happened to me before, except the op went into service right after having left the stop I was waiting at as NIS. As for Manhattan N/S routes, yeah they are pretty terrible during the week and you're best off waiting for the weekend when the runtime is shorter for most routes. These days traffic isn't such as much an issue but rather buses running hot and taking a slow pace for the whole duration, which I do not blame them for doing. Though I will say it is a little annoying when some are slugging it despite being behind, which leads to all the bunching and crowding and whatnot.
  8. Part Suspended There is no and train service between Queensboro Plaza and Astoria - Ditmars Blvd in both directions while our crews work to remove a fallen tree from the tracks at 30 Av. The last stop on Queens-bound and trains will be 34 St - Herald Sq, 57 St - 7 Av, 96 St on the line or Queensboro Plaza. For alternate service Queens take an , , or train and a Q69 bus to Astoria - Ditmars Blvd. Posted: 7/10/20 6:04 PM
  9. Multiple Impacts There are delays and multiple impacts in service while we remove fallen tree branches from the tracks at Beverley Rd and Avenue H. Northbound trains are stopping along the line from Coney Island - Stillwell Av to DeKalb Av. trains are running express between Prospect Park and Kings Hwy in both directions. For service to/from bypassed stations, use southbound trains. Continue to expect delays in and train service in both directions. Posted: 6/29/20 8:26 PM
  10. Part Suspended There are delays and multiple impacts to J and M trains while NYPD responds to an unauthorized person on the tracks at Flushing Av. J trains run in two sections: Broad St to Delancy St - Essex St and Broadway Jct to Jamaica Center - Parsons/Archer. M trains are suspended between Delancy St - Essex St and Middle Village - Metropolitan Av. Middle Village - Metropolitan Av-bound M trains are running between Forest Hills - 71 Av and 2 Av on the F line. For service between Broadway Jct and Manhattan, consider A, C, or L train service. For local travel within Brooklyn, consider B46 or Q24 bus service. Posted: 4/29/20 10:27 AM Local To Express Northbound C and E trains are running on the express track from Canal St to 42 St - Port Authority Bus Terminal (E)/ 59 St - Columbus Circle (C)while we request medical help for someone at 14 St. If your stop is missed, use southbound C or E train service. Posted: 4/29/20 1:16 PM
  11. Delays Northbound trains are resuming local service in Manhattan after NYPD apprehended disruptive passengers at 23 St who vandalized multiple trains. Expect delays as service resumes. Posted: 10/25/19 12:52 PM
  12. Part Suspended We're temporarily suspending service between 96 St and Essex St-Delancey St because of a Con Edison power problem affecting our signal system at West 4 St-Washington Square. For service between 96 St and West 4 St-Washington Square, consider taking or train service. To think that every B division line in Manhattan is currently limited to the 6 Avenue trunk.
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