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  1. The simplest fix really seems to be adding a second flyover from the middle track at 180th Street to Morris park on the The problem is i remember back in 2011 i think it was all the trackwork was rearranged so i doubt the will want to tear up new tracks there again. And having lived near the WPR line all my life on Simpson Street it really does seem to be about ridership. The will pull into 180th street either full or 3/4s full and if a pulls in at the same time coming southbound the transfer will fill the And as some people have mentioned here most people between East Tremont and Jackson Avenue are heades for the west side, you dont see many hop off at 3rd avenue or Grand Concourse and the same can be said on the return trip. If the and were to switch roles in the bronx not even terminals but just express and local, you would have a bad crowding situation at 3rd avenue and 149th-GC because you would have the people from the west farms transfering to the lexington line and vice versa unless you completely take it to a next level and switch the lines completely.
  2. brings up the question how long did it take for the to evacuate its subways and elevated lines when the 03 blackout happened. I remember seeing trains stuck on the ELs but never saw people evacuated, or walking along the elevated catwalks.
  3. But that would cause confusion to some passengers, i'd rather still have separate services. Thats the same question people asked when the was temporarily brought back for rockaway after sandy, the would just be a substitute and i'm sure the R160s still have the announcements and GO announcements. The other thing i can think of is send the through Coney Island Via Brighton and terminate at Prospect Park.
  4. Ok forget about what trains would serve the lines if this where to happen, wouldnt this re-activation be done of enough petitioners signed for at least to get the attention of city. I mean if enough people signed the petition it would show them that the NIMBY's are just a small amount compared to those that want public transportation in their neighborhood.
  5. Ok lets start by getting the easy ones first Runs Via the to 47th Street & Trains Terminate at QueensBoro Plaza Trains Terminate at 57th Street (if they can't terminate there because its to close to sink hole then they terminate at 34th Street, and then make some complicated relay movements to return south) Trains replace the in Brooklyn runs Via Montague Takes over the in Brooklyn running from Coney Island to 57th Via Bridge Trains Run from Coney Island to W. 4th Street Trains run from Brighton to W. 4th Street If anybody can take the is more than welcome as i'm not familiar with their line all that well.
  6. An updated picture from 4 years ago, http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/show?119006 The only reason its not used now is because of the switching issue at 9th Avenue. You basically would have to relay the train for it to make its way onto its line to get into manhattan. You would back up every train on the West End both ways, especially at rush hour and we all know we dont need that.
  7. But then to maintain frequent service on the Line you would have to throw the to Euclid, The also would have to run either Local or express one way to/from Carnarsie. Or the could be suspended whole and have the Cover the on central park west and the below 59th Street. There's alot of possibilities by throwing the into Manhattan Via the Line.
  8. Well thats tragic because we all know and so do they that the second avenue line was being constructed to alleviate the Lexington Line and provide service when the 2nd & 3rd Avenue ELs where torn down. They should make more than just a couple of bellmouths, they should at least make a provision up to the river, it would save time and money if and when they decide to extend into the bronx. This whole phase idea for me is bullcrap on the side, they should halt construction on the East Side Access and concentrate all efforts on the SAS. Right now at the moment the SAS should be priority because that Lexington Line is struggling to keep up. They say "oh we'll just add more trains" but thats not the solution. Make the line, make provisions to extend the line and think about entering the bronx to alleviate the buses on 3rd Avenue. 3rd Avenue is the same as Lexington Avenue Line except with buses, they should concentrate on what matters and what is important. Harold interlocking can wait, bringing new haven trains into Penn Station can wait, Bringing LIRR trains into Grand Central can wait. Its all about the SAS, its a miracle these construction efforts have not stopped like in the 70s and 40s. I swear the MTA has to get their priorities straight. Sorry but ive been holding a grudge with the MTA for quite a while now.
  9. No Service Between Broadway Junction and 8th Avenue Manhattan Trains terminate at 14th Street-8th Avenue on the 8th Avenue line runs via Nassau Street & 8th Avenue. Switching onto the Jamaica Line at Broadway junction and making all stops to Delancey-Essex. Switches onto the 6th Avenue line via . Switches onto 8th Avenue at W. 4th Street. Terminates at 14th Street-8th Avenue on express tracks and relays below 34th to make the return trip. Shuttle buses replace the between Broadway Junction and 8th Avenue along normal route. YES THIS CAN BE DONE
  10. Flooding shuts down the 60th Street tunnels for the 63rd Street Tunnels 53rd Street Tunnels So the above lines cannot enter manhattan or enter queens Reroute/Suspend
  11. Northbound run on the southbound track between Hunterspoint and QueensBoro Plaza, after Queensboro plaza Northbound trains switch over onto the NB local track. Select NB trains run express, Southbound trains run with delays. Select SB trains terminate at Queensboro Plaza and head back north.
  12. Trains are running down Lexington Avenue 207th -96th Street Express between 137th and 96th southbound, local northbound. 2 Trains operating between 34th and South Ferry 148th-96th Street & New Lots-South Ferry via Bowling Green Dyckman-59th Street & Lefferts Blvd-34th Street 168th-59th Street & Euclid-34th Street Terminates at Lexington/53rd Suspended Terminates at Grand Central using Crossover in Steinway tunnel Terminates at 57th No service in queens run from Stillwell to Whitehall 36th Street-Whitehall Takes over on Brighton Runs local on Central Park West
  13. Easy one Water main bursts at 96th street flooding the 96th Street Station.
  14. No not every car, just 3 cars out of a set. You know what happened to the making of trains of stainless steel that couldn't be tagged like the 68s 44s 46s 62s. I mean it seems to me that the stainless steel they are using now for these NTT trains have something on them that allows for graffitit
  15. I think these screen doors are not feasible on lines that use 8 car 75 footers and 8 & 10 car 60 footers. Plus managing the doors that wouldn't open when its 75 foot car and when its a 60 foot car. Its just plain ridiculous, the MTA should have thought of this back before they introduced the 44s and 46s. Maybe once the 75 footers are retired it can be done but now in the present i dont thinks so.
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