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  1. Dan0579, its probably a good idea to go the court clerks office that the case was under and try and get a copy of the official disposition. If in fact the case is sealed then you may not be able to get one or if so it should state the discon charge and subsequent community service and dismissal of charge after year of good behavior. Depends on jurisdiction. If you do decide to tell them then you've covered yourself whether or not it comes up later during background check. A discon charge is usually not that big of a deal unless it was for committing some type of lewd act in front of children or something like that. I'm really not sure of transits protocol on the issue so the safe bet in my opinion would be to cya.....
  2. Just received call and was told the reason I was flagged was because there was a discrepancy in what I wrote as my conviction ( unlawful possesion of a motor vehicle ) and what was on the disposition letter I gave them from the court ( criminal possession of stolen property ). Was able to explain that I filled out the application before I got the official documentation from the courts and didnt remember the exact charge as it was written over 25 years ago. Told to report back next tues at 7.30 for drug test...Whew!!!
  3. Went for drug test today. Upon submitting initial paperwork, was told I wouldnt be allowed to take drug test at the time because of past criminal record that I put on my application along with appropriate documentation. Unlawful possesion of motor vehicle conviction. Was 19 at the time and received one year probation and $250 fine. 45 years of age now, trouble free and gainfully employed scince that incident. Was told by the individual checking my paperwork that all applications submitted with any type of criminal history has to go through further review by supv/manager and will be approved or dissaproved on case by case basis. Was however, given the 21 page more in depth application and instructed to take home and complete. Bottom line as I was told is that they do and will hire persons with past convictions but it is important to be truthful and forthcoming initially, in other words dont claim you had minor offense when in fact it was a serious one. Was told the new policy is to try and weed out the undesirable's now instead of having them on the payroll for a whole year and then having to go through the process of termination after receiving unfavorable or dishonest background information. Was reassured that I should not have any problems once my case was reviewed but still had to go through the process to maintain the integrity of it. Was also told that for those that receive a favorable review would get a call in about two or three weeks to come back in, on the other hand the indivuduals rejected would receive a thanks but no thanks letter...Hope this was helpful and good luck.
  4. Newbie just giving a shout out!!
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