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Found 10 results

  1. As per this webpage, in which a "print-screen" can be seen below, the application period for this examination will be open from July 15th to August 25th, 2020. If you are curious in what the Notice of Examination (NOE) might look like and/or contain, click here and here for the last two recent MaBSTOA Bus Operator Notice of Examinations. Happy Posting!!
  2. Does anybody know anything about this? I know the application period starts this Monday, September 20th, however I was shocked when I initially saw this. Thanks in advance.
  3. http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/pdf_exams/9618.pdf Happy Posting!! Note: As of now, the exam is scheduled for June.
  4. See notice of examination link above. January 25 was the application deadline. Multiple-choice testing is expected to begin in April 2022.
  5. http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/pdf_exams/9604.pdf Happy Posting!!
  6. http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/pdf_exams/0100.pdf If anyone would like to see some 'sample' questions which will be on the BOSS exam in December, click here. Otherwise, Happy Posting!!
  7. Probationary Bus Operator Review Updated: December 8, 2021 Directive order No. 02..38.03 Subject: Probationary Bus Operator Review "New York City Transit [NYCT] and MTA Bus [MTAB]" OBJECTIVE This document is designed to provide guidelines for a systematic method of evaluating and monitoring the performance of bus operators during their probationary period. During their probationary period, all bus operators are evaluated on the following: driving skills, safety record, attendance, interaction with customers (including customer complaints and commendations), cooperation with peers and supervisors, adherence to New York City Transit [NYCT] and MTA Bus (MTAB) rules and policies and overall performance. MONITORING All probationary bus operators will have a minimum of two [2] onboard observation rides during their first year of probation. All observation rides will be conducted for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes, or the length of a trip in customer service. Additional observation rides may be conducted. Copies of any additional rides conducted by Division, Depot or Road Operations staff must be forwarded to the Training Center. Bus operators will be removed from customer service if observed committing an unsafe action. INCIDENTS The practice of rating incidents, “preventable” or “non-preventable” will not be used for bus operators on probation. However, an evaluation will be made after each incident with respect to the bus operator’s driving ability and adherence to rules. PROBATIONARY PERIOD AND EXTENSIONS The probationary period for all bus operators is one [1] year. A Limited Assignment Bus Operator (LABO) who is promoted to full time status will serve a probationary period as mandated by contractual agreement. Any absences will be added to this period. The probationary period may be extended up to two [2], three [3] month periods for MABSTOA bus operators, or one [1], six [6] month period for NYCT and MTAB bus operators. Scheduled reviews for all MABSTOA, NYCT and MTAB bus operators will be held at three [3] months, six [6] months, nine [9] months and eleven [11] months from the date of appointment. If the probationary period is extended, additional reviews will take place at the fourteenth (14th) and seventeenth (17th) month, if applicable, from the date of appointment. A probationary employee may be terminated pursuant to this process, or at any time during the probationary period for serious infractions. PERFORMANCE If the probationary bus operator’s performance is unsatisfactory, counseling will be provided by the appropriate member of supervision or management. Satisfactory performance will be commended. Cell phone violations will result in termination. Failure to make ADA announcements, observed red light, red light camera and speed camera violations will result in extension of the probationary period and/or possible termination. All counseling statements will be entered in the employee’s Personnel Action File (PAF). All signed forms will also be included in the employee’s depot folder. RESPONSIBILITIES DIVISIONS The General Superintendent, Transportation (GST) or designee, will review all reports submitted on probationary bus operators and commend or counsel them as required. The GST will review the overall record to determine if additional action is required. The GST will also ensure that periodic reviews are conducted as required. The employee’s PAF must be kept current at all times. The GST or designee will also be responsible for preparing recommendations for extensions and/or terminations in concurrence with the Probationary Review Manager (PRM). TRAINING DIVISION The PRM will review all incidents, complaints, results of all observation rides and perform analyses to determine patterns among probationary employees and ensure that appropriate action is taken. The PRM will review counseling records to ensure consistency throughout NYCT Department of Buses and MTAB. The PRM will work closely with the depot managers to ensure that probationary actions are acted upon in a timely fashion and that requests for extensions or terminations are submitted to the Safety & Training Officer for concurrence and final approval. The Training Division will identify the work schedule for probationary employees and schedule observation rides. At the conclusion of an observation ride, the supervisor or manager will identify themselves to the bus operator with their pass and badge. The supervisor or manager will go over the observations with the bus operator, discussing both positive actions taken by the bus operator and recommendations for improvement. The supervisor or manager will also inform the bus operator that a report will be submitted to the GST, including any violation(s) observed for further action if required. ======================================================================================================================================== F. A. Q.: When does probation start? - Day 0: The first day you attend Zerega training facility. Who conducts observation rides? - Supervisors "Dispatchers/19A Dispatchers" and/or Superintendents "Management" How would I know I'm getting a observation ride? - The only time you may know you are getting a observation "Check-ride" is only annually 19A birthday rides which is conducted by a depot 19A Dispatcher"Supervisor", but 95% of the time, you won't know that you are getting a probationary, safety, complaint or random observation ride. The Beakie "Observation Personnel" will board your bus dress just like a normal civilian and dip their metro cards. Some may board the back door of the bus or ask you for a ride or a transfer. Beakies can board as wheelchairs passenger or board the bus with a cane. Their mission is to ensure that you are doing what you are suppose to be doing. Will I be notify if an observation ride "Check-ride" were conducted? - Yes and no. Some beakies may identify themself after the ride has been conducted by approaching you when it's safe and display their transit issue badge "Dispatcher badge or Superintendent Badge" with their transit pass. If you got a bad ride, he/she will tell you what you did and to see the boss "General Superintendent Transportation((GST))" at your depot. Sometimes when you report to the crew dispatcher at your depot, he/she will also notify you that you have to see the boss. ============================================================================================================================================ Advice to all operators, especially when you're still on probation. If you are in a situation such as on-board incident, accident. Before you pick up the radio to contact console, First breath and think. Assess the situation. Contact your depot union representative. Their contact number should be saved.* Call console but keep your answers short. The transmit call is being recorded and will/or can be used against you. Always remember, Some buses are equipped with cameras. Take as much information such as, Witness, license plate numbers, Police officer or Fire/EMS badge numbers, and take pictures for your records. Other helpful threads: Department of Buses New Hire Frequently Asked Questions Handouts (for the initial 10-Day Training Session) DMV CDL Road Test Training Videos (for those who have a Class B Commercial Learners Permit)
  8. The application period for this part-time position is now open, until March 26th, respectively. The Notice of Examination can be found here, respectively. ~Young~
  9. According to this page, the filing/application period will be from May 5th to May 23rd. For those of you who are curious as far as what the Notice of Examination (NOE) might contain, I would encourage you to view the NOE for B/O Exam 2613 & B/O Exam 4600. There are many similarities between these two NOE, respectively. Happy Posting!!
  10. Does anybody received a list # for this exam? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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