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Creepiest Station to be At

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What would be the creepiest station at night to wait at while waiting for a train?


For me it would be N. Conduit Avenue on the (A) because the station seems to be like in the middle of nowhere.


hehe that station isnt that bad. I used to live around there and waitied at that station alot. The creepiest craziest station has to be 42nd street port authority on the A line. One night a friend and I were coming back from atlantic city waiting on the A/E platform when we see one mexican guy punch another one in the jaw and the guy goes flying on the train tracks. Wow so then he some how manages to get up with a gash on his head and they both run. We walk about 50 feet down the platform and theres this other mexican guy drunk out of his mind stumbling then falls on the tracks and hes just sitting there, we told a track worker who then walks up to where the guy is and says "hey man you can't be down there!" and the drunk guy goes "but I like it down here its nice" hahaha and the track worker is like "you are going to get your legs cut off!" eventually the track worker notified someone and they got the guy off the tracks but I remember everytime I would get off the bus at port authority and wait at that station no matter what time of day/night there was always some creepy freaks or some derelicts up to no good there.

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On the midnights...

Halsey St (L)

Bushwick-Aberdeen (L)

Livonia Ave (L)

Wilson Ave (L)

Ralph Ave (A)(C)

Rockaway Ave (A)(C)

Van Siclen (3)(4)

Parkside Ave (Q)

Lawrence St (R)

Chauncey St (J)

Just a few of my Brooklyn winners. Sometimes it's not just the station itself but the surrounding area too. Like Ninth Ave on the West End or Montrose or Morgan on the Canarsie Line. Just you and the two-legged or four legged vermin enjoying the atmosphere on the late nights.

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Im just going to say, mainly termanals(where workers are at) and places with too much cops. Reason: You don't wanna get stopped if someone still doesnt know the rules.


And sometimes EL stations. Smith St 9th seems a bit creepy during night after midnights

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Like I said before, West 4th is the site of numerous homicides at night. I agree that the IND local stations along the Fulton at night are just crazy with bums. If they ever cut the A express in the weekends again, I would so explode...

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