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CBTC expanded on the L to all hours

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CBTC has been running at all times for a while now. ATO is what the article talks about. For some reason the press thinks that they are the same thing but they are not.


Well how often does the news get a story correct? :o

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It's just like flying a airplane...you still have the pilot in case autopilot messes up. In case CBTC messes up you have the driver sitting behind the control to kick in manual control.

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If they do this, then it makes sense to expand OPTO as well.


Care to explain why? The (L) runs 480' trains IIRC; it would be a violation of the union contract to have OPTO with full length trains. Without turning this into a union argument, I don't see them conceding to allow OPTO on >300' trains.


What do you suggest, cutting the trains in half to run 240' trains? Can an employee chime in on how long it takes to make and break sets?

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ATO is nice on the (L). It seems smoother and more futuristic. Now only if they can expand it to the rest of the fleet lol

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