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R62A 1991

The X38 from Sea Gate & In-Between

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Time to finish off the express buses before they raise the fare. The majority of these shots are MTA NYCT, but there are a few MTA Bus shots, not enough to justify a new thread. Let me start off by saying although I scheduled this perfectly, I should NEVER follow a schedule again. The 6 AM (3) was late, and there were mechanical problems on the (D). However, the B36's frequency saved me and got me to:


with 10 minutes to spare, in which I snapped these:





My B36 driver then called me over and warned me that I might be arrested. I played along, told him thanks, and got on my X38 and took these:



My neighborhood buses stop here too...I could've taken them.


That's an X29, deadheading to Stillwell. So they took the 4300s from Queens Village too...






Traffic jam on the Gowanus:


Here's why:




I love Super Expresses, even though they just say that because they take the FDR.


All your MTA NYCT Super Expresses in one place.




What a trip. I took it to Midtown. SRO, and its X28 counterpart had standees. I always sit next to interesting people who don't expect me to be taking express buses, so it was a good ride. Here's a video after the accident.


And a few bonuses:



And I have more to tackle over the week, so expect some more. Hope you enjoyed!

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Guest Charles

Great shots!

When do express bus fares go up--is it 6/28?

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Nice photos and video. :cool: Thanks for sharing!


Thanks. No problem.


Good photos. Seems you were about a mile and a half from where I live.


Do you mean when I was by Sea Gate? Thanks


Awesome shots! I love the super expresses! B):tup:


Thanks! Me too. And the BM5 being one by default is wonderful.


nice pics you got (A) good eye <4> those MCI




Great shots!

When do express bus fares go up--is it 6/28?


Thanks! I think they go up the same day as everything else.

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Slammin pics! You take great pics from inside a bus. Also you were 1 1/2 miles from 33rd Street when you were on 23rd Street and the FDR.

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