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How can I get/rent a bus for a day?

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Hey guys and gals! I'm a NJ filmmaker working on a project and need to secure a bus for about 4 hours but I have no idea where to start which is why I'm posting here B)


I've contacted companies that charter buses but they're really expensive ($600 - $900) and also I need something that's more like a city/public transportation kind of a bus, old or new doesn't matter. Hell, I'd love to film in an old 60's or 70's bus. They have so much character.


Anyway, can anyone help me with this or point me in a direction? I REALLY appreciate any assistance in this and offer an assistant producer credit to anyone that helps materialize this with me.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading,

Jay Rodriguez

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You do know that when you rent a bus it comes with a driver right? They aren't just going to let you drive the bus away from the lot,mainly for insurance reasons.


Rental trucks like Uhaul anybody can rent as long as you are over a certain age and have a clean license. Do you have a CDL B with the proper endorsements? Even if you or somebody you know did,renting a bus even for a few hours would require a huge deposit.


My advice would be to post on Craigslist wanted section,give it a shot. I know you are looking for a transit type of a bus,I have searched all over for commercial driving schools and none have any transit buses whatsoever. Just school buses. Good luck!

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