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while on mta.info,and searching the <7> route,and then i clicked (5) and this came up http://mta.info/nyct/service/fivedlin.htm and i was pretty surprised that it was still there. and if you go to Allerton Avenue you can see it say "station closed until june 2005".and if you read the transfersers there are some diamonds still left before the diamond elimantion service.

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in 2005 i was working in manhattan and i remember waiting for the Bx39 bus every evening after having to get off at Pelham Parkway to go home (Allerton). in the mornings i walked to Burke. it wasnt too long though. that year they also created a platform so the trains could come in on the middle track on all stations north of E 180th St.

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It must be a retireed page as the <5> no longer exist as of 2005, even tho i wish it did damn (MTA)!! Plus since when does the <5> stop at burke all times?!






its really funny and nice that the (MTA) keeps retireed HTML pages ;)! Just like that page sum1 spotted with the (Q6) forgot the url... but its on MTAs domain


Should of been updated:



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