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Your Favorite/Least Favorite Bronx/Manhattan Bus Routes?


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Seeing that there is a Queens/Brooklyn Bus route favorite topic here. Thought Id bring up MaBSTOA lol. Your Favorite and Least Favorites!


What is your favorite for these 2 boros or 1.


The Bronx:




Bx19/Bx40/Bx42/Bx9(A little near)- My Home Routes. Especially Bx19, being with her since 1995! When i use to live in manhattan


Bx36/Bx21/Bx12 +SBS/Bx15/Bx33





M10- Use to be my route pre-2003



Least Favorite: M18 this bus takes forever to show up!


Now YOU!:cool:

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Bx12+Select Bus Service+: To me, this Select Bus Service is better than LTD, even thought traffic can be worst on University Heights Bridge or summer traffic at Bronx Zoo when Asia Gate parking is full, Bronx Zoo goers have to use same street to go to Fordham University garage.

Bx13: I love this because it makes interest turn at Jerome-Odgen Avenues.

BxM1, BxM2, BxM3 was excellent.

BxM10 was much better than BxM11 because it was fast using Sheridan Expressway, than BxM11 using Bronx River Parkway.

BxM7/A/9: Love it.


Least Favorite

Bx55: It was AWFUL Limited, because it almost seem like it only skip one, two or three stops of local Bx15. TOO MANY STOPS for Fordham Plaza-3rd Av-149th St trip.




M1, M2, M3, M4 5th-Mad Avs bus


M6, M7, M10, M20.


M31: This was my first bus ride during High School for Environmental Studies when I was living at 1771 1st Av because bus stop is right next on next block and last stop was in front of our old home.


M34/M42: I love it. M34 has improve little with bus lane, even thought it not enforce.


M50/M27: I love it but not the headways.


M57: I love it. This was my alternate during 9-11 attack. I have to take crowded M5 to 72nd St for M57. It it wasn't M57 at 72nd St. My student MetroCard ended b/c I waste two fare on subway that day. I was at Mt. Sinai Hospital.


M60: Even thought it can be crowded and crawl on 125th St, I love it because it always perfect timing with Q72, almost.


M66/M79/M86/M96: I love it.


M98: I love AM Rush Hour toward Washington Heights and PM Rush Hour toward Midtown because it's smooth on Harlem River Drive, but I wish this was weekday service.


M101/M102/M103: I love it.


M15: I love it because it is great ride, especailly Limited.


M16/M30: I love it.


M104: This bus is one of kind that cross 42nd St and Broadway in Upper West Side.


M96: I love M96 even thought it crawls on East Side, but it connect to all IRT Local/Express on Broadway.

X25 an X90 I love it because it was quick and convient, even thought it cost $5.


Least Favorite:

M5: LTD makes too many stops on Riverside Drive and Broadway north of 157th St, right?


M8: During the gay parade, M8 bus only went to University Place. They should have closed M8 bus during the event, if it was only becoming shuttle.


M11: Worst Columbus-Amsterdam Av bus because it is always late than other bus.


M14/M23: To me, this bus is slow pokiest.


M35: Too many crazy people roundtrip.


M72: It makes me sick waiting for it because headway is 30-minutes.


M106: During 9-11, M106 was very late and it was awful.

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Guest Charles

I like the M98, M5, M10, and M31. I dislike the M96, mostly because it's faster to walk crosstown than take that bus. It's also agitating when you wait 10+ minutes for that bus and then 5 come at once.

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M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M10, M11, M16, M20, M22, M31, M34, M42, M57, M60, M72, M79, M86, M96, M101, M102, M103, M104, M106


Bx1, Bx5, Bx12 Select Bus Service, Bx15, Bx21, Bx22, Bx35, Bx36, Bx55

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I'll play along... not much else to do on this dreary, rainy day....



The Bronx:

favorite (to ride): The Bx10

least favorite: Bx12's that end at Pelham bay Park



favorite (to ride): The M5

least favorite: The M34 or the M42

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I don't know much abouut Bronx Bus routes, so I'll say the Bx12 SBS as a favorite, and if they count, the Q44 and QBx1. lol.

For Manhattan, I love the M15LTD, M98, M5LTD and I dislike the M101, M102, M103, but my least favorite route in Manhattan and in the whole city is the M100

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Favorite: Bx12 SBS, BxM11 (I like how it uses the Hutch, even though it's a commercial vehicle)

Least favorite: Bx19

The bronx river parkway, you mean....



Only express buses that use the Hutch, are (not in service) buses coming from, or heading towards ECH...


...and that x32 you love so much.

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The M10. Today the M10 provides local service on Eighth Avenue/CPW between West 31st Street and West 159th Street with southbound M10 local service on Broadway between West 63d Street and Columbus Circle and Seventh Avenue to West 34th Street. I've ridden the M10 as far as West 116th Street.


The M9. The former Avenue B and East Broadway (Until 1980), this route provides local service on Avenue B in Alphabet City between East 14th Street and East Houston Street then Essex Street and East Broadway. A nice ride to reach Catherine Street/Catherine Slip.


The Bronx:

The BX3. This route provides local service on University Avenue between the Washington Bridge and West Kingsbridge Road then Sedgewick Avenue/Fort Independance to West 238th Street. The BX3 serves Bronx Community College.

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