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BM3 Route Change

R62A 1991

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In an effort to provide faster, more reliable and more direct service, the BM3 travel path through Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn will be revised. The BM3 will remain on Batchelder Street to travel between Avenue X and Avenue Z in both directions. Under this revision, the BM3 will use a more direct travel path instead of the current circuitous travel path through this area.


Three BM3 bus stops will be discontinued in each direction:


* Coyle Street & Avenue Y

* Knapp Street & Avenue X/Allen Street

* Avenue W & Knapp Street


Customers may use the BM3 bus stops at Batchelder Street and Avenue X or Avenue Z instead. Customers using the bus stops on Knapp Street may also use the BM4, which travels along Gerritsen Avenue, and provides express bus service to and from the same bus stops as the BM3 in Manhattan.


In addition, the eastbound (to Emmons Avenue) drop-off bus stops on Batchelder Street at Avenue X, and on Batchelder Street at Avenue Z, will be relocated at the same intersections to be consistent with the revised travel path.


Spring Creek has gotten some of the most extensive changes under MTA Bus...B100 under a greater frequency, B103 all stops and short-turns to the Junction, BM1/2 non-stop in Kensington, and the BQM1's Route designation change. Not to mention the Downtown Loop service on the BM1-4. And now this.

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don't forget the (recent) slight BM1 routing in Georgetown (now traveling on veterans av from ralph to av. U, instead of the circuitous routing it previously had)....


the BM3 change is well warranted... Av W is on the north end of the projects, hell, it doesn't stop along av W, up until it makes the turn on Knapp st... all that stretch (the current BM3 routing from Av X/Batchelder to Av Z/Batchelder) accomplishes is wasted mileage & time (on the driver's end & regarding the commute of these riders).... and it would make little sense to keep the bus on Knapp st (there's nothing really commercial, or residential on knapp st, up until you get down to Emmons {where it turns anyway}, where there's some hotels & fancy apartments or w/e), so to have it go up/down Batchelder is the better bet...


Someone is really on their P's & Q's over @ Spring Creek.....

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I can't find the new MCI's. I keep looking on 57 street and 5th Avenue but I can't find them.
Don't worry, they're there. I saw them several times over the past couple of weeks.


And here's a little hint. On East 60th street between 2nd and 1st Avenues is a little street, and several buses from the Spring Creek Depot are usually parked there. You may find one of the new MCIs sitting there.


Hope that helps. :D

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