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Story: On the (4) Home Just Now

R62A 1991

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(If this doesn't belong in this forum, please move it)


So, because of the rain, my block party got canceled. So I decided to head into Manhattan so as not to waste my Saturday.


Waited at 33rd St for a (6), and a (4) passes us just as I got on...get to Union Square, and I hear a new announcement: "Ladies and Gentlemen, as you exit, please be aware of the gap between the platform and the train," by Charlie Pellett. Now onto the main attraction as another (4) (R142A to boot) comes.


At Bowling Green, an Asian man gets on, and he looks pretty lost. He knocks on the T/O's door, but since he already started on his way to Borough Hall, he wasn't going to open. So I asked him if he needed help where he's going. And he says "JFK Airport."


Quick thinking led me to the B15 at New Lots, but it would've been SO much easier for him to have taken the (A) at Fulton. At first, I was going to get off at Van Siclen and tell him to get off at the next stop...but then I decided I'd better direct him directly to the bus because of the two B15 branches. So I decided to stay with him all the way. There was no (3) at Nevins, Franklin, or Utica, so I expected to wait long at Utica. But then the (3) comes right as we get off the train. Get all the way to New Lots, and it turns out he bought a single ride, which means no transfer. He gets another single ride, and we go in the pouring rain to the B15 bus stop, and two B15s come at once. Turns out, I made the right choice in staying all the way to the bus stop. He gets on the more crowded JFK-bound B15, thanking me for staying all the way, and I head back to New Lots, just in time for the (3) to Manhattan to leave with me ON it!


I have never had the IRT work so efficiently for me and this man in my entire life. For a (3) train to come as soon as we got off at Utica, and for a (3) to get its starting lights as soon as I get back on at New Lots...I think I was supposed to help this man get to the B15 today through ENY, in time for his flight which is supposed to leave at 2 PM. Just thought I'd share it with you guys. That's my train travels for the day.

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Pretty amazing story, not to take into account that today was a bad day b/c of the rain, and not to mention that service is usually crippled on the weekends. IMO, you made a good point to directing him to the B15 b/c the (A) was detoured and running local.

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Did you let him borrow your 9mm after getting out at New Lots?


I kid, I kid. It's great that there are those of us who sometimes go out of our way to help others get around.

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