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Hey all, I came across this site while googling for downloads for Train Simulator and figure I sign up. I grew up in Brooklyn loving trains and drawing them as a kid. I wanted to be a motorman but my parents believed and wanted me to be something else other than a motorman. My family was always amazed by the knowledge I had about the subways from signaling, signs, and car information. Although I moved out of NY, I always come back up many times out the year. I was pleased to see new cars on the (J)/(Z) line finally several months ago. I use to ride this line everyday until I moved out to Queens. After I moved from NY, I still worked in Queens and lived in Delaware. During that time I was commuting by train using Amtrak and the (E)/(F)/®/(V) lines. During that time I grew a fascination with Amtrak and it's Acela service. So I'm glad to be here and would like to get caught up on what I've been missing. Thanks!

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