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Service Changes on the 39 line, effective June 27th


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Bus Route No. 39 - Major Service Change Effective June 27, 2009

Issued: June 16, 2009


A New Bus Route (No. 30) will serve customers in North Arlington, Kearny, Harrison and Newark.



On June 27, 2009, the No. 39 Bus will be split into two routes to provide more service for customers traveling to/from Newark Penn Station, and to improve reliability. The new No. 39 will operate between Irvington and Newark Penn Station, serving all of the same stops as before. Beginning June 27, No. 39 buses will no longer serve points north of Raymond Blvd. in Newark, Harrison, Kearny or North Arlington. Most No. 39 buses will begin and end their trips at Newark Penn Station. Certain trips, known as “39X” (EXPRESS), will continue to operate to/from Washington Park in Newark.


For customers in North Arlington, Kearny and Harrison, a new bus route will be introduced: the No. 30. This route will serve bus stops previously served by No. 39 buses in North Arlington, Kearny, and Harrison, as well as selected stops along Broad Street in Newark. On weekdays until 6 p.m., buses will operate from North Arlington to/from Lincoln Park in Newark. Starting with the 6:20 p.m. departure from North Arlington on weekdays and all day on weekends, No. 30 buses will begin/end their trips at Newark Penn Station. (On weekdays, the first trip from Newark Penn Station to North Arlington departs at 7:05 p.m.)

How does this affect my trip?


All customers will continue to have bus service from their regular bus stop to downtown Newark. Customers along the new No. 39 route willbenefit from more direct service to Newark Penn Station, making it easier to make connections. In addition, by shortening the length of the route, buses will operate more reliably for all customers. Customers who travel through downtown Newark (e.g. from Irvington through to North Arlington) will now have to transfer between the two routes on Broad Street or at Newark Penn Station.

Are fares impacted?


The one-zone fare will continue to be $1.35, and the zone boundary for the new No. 39 will continue to be the border of Newark and Irvington, so most customers will not have to pay more than they do today. Customers who transfer between the new No. 39 and the No. 30 will need a 65¢ transfer (just like any other bus transfer). However, customers who travel one zone on the new No. 39 to connect to the No. 30 can pay less than they do today by purchasing a one-zone bus card.


Why are these changes being made?


For several reasons. We want to improve reliability for customers along the existing No. 39 route. One way to do this is to shorten the distance that buses travel. This is also part of a broader effort to put seats where they’re needed most. Please carefully check bus schedules dated June 27, 2009, as many departure times have changed.


Where can I find my bus at Newark Penn Station?


No. 39 busesto Irvington will continue to board from Bus Lane 1A at Newark Penn Station. No. 30 buses to North Arlington will board from Bus Lane 3B until 10:00 p.m. After 10:01 p.m., No. 30 buses will board at Bus Lane 1B. (On weekdays, the first departure from Newark Penn Station is 7:05 p.m.)

What will the destination sign say?

Traveling from Irvington to Newark Penn Station: 39 NEWARK PENN STATION


Traveling from Irvington to Washington Park (express): 39X EXPRESS / WASH PARK


Traveling from Newark Penn Station to Irvington: 39 IRVINGTON


Traveling from Washington Park to Irvington (express): 39X EXPRESS / IRVINGTON


Traveling from Newark to North Arlington: 30 KEARNY / N ARLINGTON

Traveling from North Arlington to Newark: 30 NEWARK / (LINCOLN PARK or PENN STATION)


If you have questions regarding this service change, please call NJ TRANSIT Customer Service at (973) 275-5555.


source: http://www.njtransit.com/sa/sa_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=ServiceAdjustmentTo&AdjustmentId=5807


If you click the first image in the post, it'll take you to another board where i posted this topic


One person suggested that this new route 30 should be articulated, what do you think?

I think that this newly found changes on the 39 would improve reliance on the service provided by this route

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