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TV Personality McMahon Star Search Host and Johnny Carson co host passes away

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Anyone hear today that long time TV personality Ed McMahon passed away?

Some of you on the boards may have never heard of him but he is an important person in American TV history.


McMahon is best known as the host of the landmark 1980's era "Star Search." That show is famous for featuring or discovered many future stars from Britney Spears, Comic Star/Actor Sinbad, Justin Timberlake, Alanis Morissette,(none of them winners on show lol)and many others i forgot on top of my head.


Star Search was the forerunner on many talent show, such as American Idol, Britian Got TalenT and America's Got Talent.


McMahon was also the Legendary "Co-Host/Announcer" of the The Tonight/Johnny Carson show as well. Also was the 'oringal' Announcer/Co-Host on the Jerry Lewis/MDA telehon on Labor Day Holiday as well.


In addition the lenderdary TV personality is best known as a commerical tv spokesman for many companies including Publishing Clearhouse.


Rip to a nice man in Ed McMahon:cry:. Reactions/comments?



Here clip on "Star Search 1986"



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