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East River Tunnel Questions

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I've been noticing recently that Amtrak removed the third rail on the approach to the tunnel. Does anyone know when and why they removed it. Also, the lights as I remembered once were orange. Does anyone know when and why they changed the lights to white like those in the NJT Bergen Tunnel.


These can be seen in TrainiacProduction's video:


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It's still there, just not to the portal of the NY bound tunnel. You can see it alternating sides in the tunnel, and you can see it on the NJ bound side on the outside.


The 3rd rail in the tunnel ("north river" not "east river" in this instance) has been there since the tunnel was built, as PRR trains used 3rd rail to get from Manhattan Transfer to its hudson river terminals and NYP. PATH for a while was operated by PRR as was LIRR, all using the same 3rd rail tech. Later on catenary was introduced to increase track-side safety & increase speeds. The circuit that the 3rd rail in the tunnel is only powered on if it's needed, otherwise it's unused.


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