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'Welcome Mr. Linsky'

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It's always a pleasure to join another in the ever growing number of sites devoted to preserving the history of surface transportation (buses in my case), and especially that of New York City which has to be among the most interesting in the country!


Let me take this opportunity to thank Harry for admitting me to NYC Transit Forums as a member, and say that I look forward to both a new teaching and learning experience.


I can't count on the fact that my reputation preceeds me although I'm certain that one or two of you may already know me, so let me introduce myself (for probably the umpteenth time!).


My name and user name are both Mr. Linsky (my friends occasionally call me Mr. 'L') and I am a regular poster on BusTalk.info., Northern California Bus Fans, the Canadian Discussion Group and GMOldLookBus with my specialty limited mostly to pre 1960 New York City private and public operations.


I was a summer relief driver in 1959, 60 and 61 for Green Bus Lines of Jamaica, NY and am the unofficial historian for the company.


I consider myself to be an essayist supported by hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful stories and photographs that I would be pleased to share with you.


Thanks so much for your time, and I'll see you on the boards.


In the meantime, enjoy the attached image; Green Line fleet number 937 - a 1947 GM Model TDH 4507, and a bus that I drove many many times.


Mr. Linsky - Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, NY



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How long did you work at Green Bus Lines? I somewhat remember one of my grandmothers friends husbands being a driver for them a while. Believe they were from the Five Towns (Inwood most likely).

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