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Shots at Grand Concourse Yard

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Went to Concourse yard June 23, 2009. Caught the R38 like more then 10 in the same row. and a few Jamaica Cars waiting for scrapping im guessing. R110As still there. Sorry for some angled shots, its hard to take pics in gate holes.. especially when the holes are a bit small~


Rolling Stock Fleet: R30, R38(JFK), R40, R42, R68/A, R110A


Miss the R38? Take a good look at em, or head down to Grand Concourse Yard

(Take (4) Train to Bedford Pk Blvd, Bronx, walk West across Bedford Pk blvd till you cross a bridge like road, thats the yard)














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I thought that all R38s were reefed. Are those among the ones that are preserved?


it takes time for all Revenue cars to be reefed. There are still lots of others at 207 that aint done


Even the R40S (A) Trains are still @ 207, abut 3-4 sets.. I think they will preserve some R38s for NYCTM th0~


btw thx all for commenting on my sh0tZ

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