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New York University


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Was having lunch and I always see the NYU buses. This time I decided to take some camera phone pics of them. The first bus I know the model. The second one I don't. Maybe someone can identify it.





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This is the second time I spot those buses, parked along the Lafayette Street

between east 3rd and 4th streets, faced northward.



The rear door of an NYU RTS bus differs from those of NYCT Buses


The front of the bus



This is an Orion V


The face of the Orion V, among the NYCT buses it becomes less and less common.


Another view of the Orion V


The closeup view of the Orion V nameplate. NYCT buses do not have it.

If you pay close attantion to the Driverseat, you will find some Coach Usa journal.


This is just what I spotted sorry I dont know anything else about these buses.

I did saw some of the LFSes, but not that close.

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