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Atlantic Avenue-Barclays?


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Anyone remember this thread, where for at least a little bit we talked about corporate sponsorship of stations and renaming those stations with corporate names? I just heard on WCBS-880 that the (MTA) just did that with Atlantic-Pacific and Barclays Bank.


Any thoughts?

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It's not a corporate sponsorship of an MTA station. It's no different than Yankee Stadium or Mets Stadium on the stations close by. Barclays is paying Ratner naming rights for the new Nets center in downtown Brooklyn to Barclays Center. Ratner is simply paying the MTA for something it would have done anyways.

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will i hear the automated massage of R142 of (2) , (4) , (5)

when they apporach Atlanitc avenue ( will the automated massage

will say


(2) Flatbush Avenue

(2) Next Stop is

(2) Atlantic - Pacfic Barclays Bank?


(2) This is

(2) Atlanitc - Pacfic Barclays Bank?


Why not renaming the 42 street Grand central station for , (4) , (5) , (6)




Brooklyn Bridge City Hall.

Brooklyn Bridge city hall station should change it name to:

Brooklyn Bridge - city hall that can be name after

edward brooke a republican senator in 1970? LOL?

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