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What equipment is on what line?

R62A 1651

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I haven't been on for a while


If anyone is an expert on this, on each of the BMT/IND lines, what equipment is on each line? i can't keep up through all these changes?


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A- R44, R46, few R32

B- R68/A

C- R32

D- R68

E- R32 [1], few R40M/R42, mostly R160A

F- mostly R46, R160A/B, few R32, sometimes R40M/R42

G- R46

J- R160A, R42 (5 sets shared with Z)

L- mostly R143, few R160A

M- R160A

N- R160B

Q- R160B, few R160A, few R68

R- R46, few R40M/R42, sometimes R32

V- R46

W- R160B, R68A

Z- R160A, R42 (sometimes)

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For (S):


R68- Franklin

R44- Rockaway


and for the heck if it for the IRT Newbies:


(1)(7) - R62A

(3) R62 (So far no R62A on the (3))

(2)(5) - R142

(4) - R142/R142A (No R62s!!)

(6) - R142A

(S) - 42nd- R62A

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