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My Subway/Bus Trip Plan- June 29th

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I am planning to do this myself.


(NYCT) Subway


Junction Blvd: 6:58

74th St-Broadway: 7:03.


Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av: 7:08

Jamaica Center: 7:27

Long Island Bus


Jamaica Center: 7:35/7:42/7:48

LIRR Freeport: 8:33/8:40/8:46


LIRR Freeport: 8:58

Jones Beach- West Bathhouse: 9:43


Jones Beach- West Bathhouse: 10:29

LIRR Freeport: 11:14


LIRR Freeport: 11:44

Roosevelt Field Mall: 12:20


Roosevelt Field Mall: 12:34

Jamaica Bus Terminal: 13:35


Merrick Blvd/Archer Av: 13:47

Roosevelt Av/Main St: 14:28

(MTA) Bus


Main St/Roosevelt Av: 14:50

Pelham Bay Park: 15:25

(NYCT) Bus

Bx12+Select Bus Service:

Pelham Bay Park: 15:31

(NYCT) Subway


Fordham Rd/Jerome Av: 15:34

Bedford Park-Lehman College: 15:37

Bee-Line bus:


Bedford Park Blvd Subway: 15:40

White Plains TransCenter: 16:46


White Plains TransCenter: 16:49

242nd St Subway: 18:04

NYCT Subway:


Van Cortlandt Park-242nd St: 18:07/18:12

103rd St: 18:31/18:36

(NYCT) Bus:


Broadway/106th St: 18:37/18:47

LGA Central Terminal: 19:28/19:38

(MTA) Bus


LGA Central Terminal: 19:45

Junction Blvd/37th Av: 19:59

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Nice trip, but you don't have to get so detailed about the schedule...if you are checking the amount of time each part of the trip will take, you should refer to the schedule but only very briefly.

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Since this is not a thread for planning a trip with others, it shall now be locked. For future reference Yuki, this section is meant for people to plan trips with others.

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