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Anyone have these pictures?

Rutgers Tube

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Shot in the dark here, but does anyone here have pictures of the following special service shuttles:


Grand Street

Sixth Avenue

63rd Street


I think the GSS was a black "S," the SAS used an orange "S," and the 63SS used a yellow "S." I'm just curious if roll and destination signs were changed and the same equipment as was on the trunk lines at the time was used, or if specially-designated cars just for these shuttles were used.


Also, anyone have pictures of the Manhattan Bridge rehabilitation, or the building of the 63rd Street Tunnel? I'd love to see those tube sections before they were dropped into place!



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The Grand Street Shuttle used 4-car R46 sets from Jamaica, so changing the sidesigns wasn't an issue. I think the signs read "SHUTTLE / to GRAND ST" and "SHUTTLE / to W 4 ST", if my memory serves me correctly. I can't remember how many individual shuttle trains there were, but there can't be more than two. Probably just one.

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