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R32,R40M/R42's on The (V)ictor

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Today When I was at 71st Ave waiting for an R32 (F) This is what I saw pop out of the Local Track:












A 3 Bonuses:

Good-Bye R32 (F) see you on the (V) tommorrow:



2 R32 Garbage Train Pics:



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(V) On R32?? Damn! Great Catch! And you also caught the R32 Work Train, which i caught early this week of course on the Culver~


BTW easy on the Flash dude, its prohibited you dont wanna get stop by an NYPD or TA Worker. Plus it ruins the shot a bit..

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Awesome catches, I bet you that RF window is sweet! And watch out for the flash, I personally never use it, if you're not worried about breaking the rules just be respectful to T/A workers who are doing their job! :cool:

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I know but my camrea is crappy so I have no choice, But I am about to buy a New one, There was only 1 Trainset of R32's on the (V).

You do have a choice. You can opt to not take pictures till you have a camera that takes good shots without flash.

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