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Railfan trip in August

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Hey guys. I am hosting my first ever railfan trip. I want it to take place on a Friday in August, which Friday though, is uncertain yet. However, it will either be the last Friday of the month or the second to last. I will announce the date later on. But here's what I have in mind so far:


The trip will take place entirely in Staten Island. So we will basically be getting around by bus, therefore making it a busfan trip, but there will be some trains involved, I promise. My advice to everyone would be to buy a 1-day fun pass in order to save money, but I also want us to take an express bus as well, so buy a $5.50 MetroCard, and bring additional money for food too. Here's the itinerary:


1. We will meet at 86th Street at the (R) subway station. Get there by 12:20 because the S53 bus will leave at 12:25.

2. We will then transfer to the S74 at Targee Street and take it to St. George.

3. Then we will take the S44 (or S61, whichever one comes first) to Staten Island Mall and grab something to eat. Heck, if anyone wants to roam around for half an hour, be my guest.

4. We will then take the S59 bus and get the SIR. (I told you we'd take the train sometime soon!)

5. We will take the SIR to Tottenville and enjoy the scenery. A great spot for photos!

6. The S59 should be operating to Tottenville now, so we will take the S59 to Eltingville Transit Center for a pit-stop. Or if the S78 comes first, we'll take that to Richmond Avenue and take the S79 to Eltingville instead.

7. Here's where we get the X1. The reason why I chose to get the X1 here instead of where the SIR stops is because we'll get better seats (I love the front-row seats!).

8. From there, we'll take a one-seat ride to Midtown and 57th Street, and we're done!


My guess is that we should be done between 5 and 5:30. Charge your cameras and bring snacks and money!!! Get back to me if you're interested. Thanks!

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I'm saving up money which is why I don't think I'll have enough for this trip. But if I did then I would definitely be in! This sounds like a pretty good trip.


It's between mid and late August. Hopefully something will come up. And thanks!:tup:

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