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Crab Equipment Question

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I'm planning a trip with 10 friends to go crabbing along the North Channel Bridge next month. Therefore, I'm planning to bring 5-7 crab cages as well as 2 buckets each with 25 crabs. Am I allow to bring cages and crabs in buckets aboard the trains by just carrying them with my hands?

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Sure but you may get some odd looks.



As someone who is taking Marine bio and studying the waters around Jersey I would not eat anything you catch. Just a heads up theres some nasty s*** in the waters around here. I'm in the field two days a week and have labs to back me up by the way.

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I haven't ate any crabs from there since 1999. I've wondered if there was a change for the worse there.


I posted this in the other sections you asked



I posted this in the other section by accident where you asked about bringing the cages and game on the train but meant to post it here.


I really would advise against eating anything from Jamaica bay, you are bound to get sick.


Officials sent out a memo to all surrounding areas advising not to eat more than one meal per month of weakfish, no more than one meal pr week of striped bass and blue fish. As for crabs I wouldnt touch them. They also claim the green crap (hepatopancreas) in the crabs is highly contaminated and to discard any of the liquid after cooking.


Be safe with that stuff. Theres tons of crap in that bay thats been leaching into the system for years. Heres the article published in the New York Newsday



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