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Brooklyn Bus Map updated

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Although it's not on the MTA website, I picked up a June 2009 Brooklyn Bus Map while busfanning and railfanning in Brooklyn earlier today.


The changes are as follows:


BM1: The bus turns from Ralph Avenue to Veterans Avenue. Then on E. 71st Street, it briefly goes down Avenue U until it reaches E. 66th St. The route no longer travels down Mill Avenue and Avenue U between Mill and E. 66th Street. The bus also doesn't U-turn on E. 71st street anymore.


BM2/B103: Buses no longer stop at E. 94th Street. They both travel up E. 105th Street and then turn on Flatlands Avenue and end on Williams Av.


BM3: Bus turns from Avenue X to Batchelder Street and no longer travels on Avenues W, Y, & Z; Bragg Street, and the northern part of Knapp Street.


G train: A little bubble that announces the new terminal to Church Avenue.


The addition of the B3K shuttle (in a thin black line).


Different colors for some routes:

-B12: light green (from dark blue)

-B41 & B42: dark blue (from light green)

-B82: light green (from orange)

-B100: purple (from light green)


There may not be that many of them yet, but they're out there, so keep an eye on it.

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Weird, usually the PDF version on there servers get an exculsive update before publising.. Oh well


I wanna get one! Especially for the (G)



I hope MaBSTOA updates the the Bx version, I wanna see the Bx2 on 149th..

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