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Stations the should become ADA compliant


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I was just thinking about the Wilson Ave (L) station and short exit that only has a few stairs to go up to. Why does not the (NYCT) make Wilson ADA compliant?(At lease on the Manhattan platform. Only a handful of (MTA)subway stations are ADA complaint. I know the (MTA) does not have all the money to make every station compliant but, many stations can become complaint. Here my list,

Wilson Ave(L)- A small ramp can be built so the Manhattan platform is ADA accessible

Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts(A)(C)(G)- The Station is a popular station/transfer point. The station also has a large platform.

One more station on the (G) line. Until Sunday, the (G) train had no regular ADA accessible stations. I think maybe, Court Square can be a good station.

Norwood 205 Street(D)


242 Street(1)

241 Street(2)

Dyre Ave(5)

Mott Ave and Lefferts Blvd(A)

Ditmers Blvd(N)(W)

95 Street or 86 Street R

I Believe that all last stops should be ADA accessible because, that the end point. There are also many connections between last stops and buses .

A stop on the Nassau street line (J)(M)(Z) because, that is the only Manhattan trunk line that does not have a ADA accessible station in Manhattan.

I am sure there is more stations the need to be ADA accessible.

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Lorimer (L)/Metropolitan (G) should have added ADA access when it was renovated


86 street/Lex should be ADA


other stations


Parkchester (6)

Westchester Square (6)

36 Street (D)(M)(N)(R)

Brighton Beach (:o(Q)

Rockaway Blvd (A)

Far Rockaway (A)

Broadway Junction (this will be the hardest due to the configuration of the station)


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It really depends on the demand for ADA compliance. All new stations are built to ADA specifications. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Neck Road and Avenue U become ADA compliant when they're done. The reason why most stations haven't become ADA complaint yet is because there's no demand for it (i.e. wheelchair passengers may not need that station. Maybe in the future more stations will see the need for it.

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I dont think a pattern of ADA Stations should do in the city. I think it should be in every station, no matter how the demond it. Who knows where you would find a person with ADA need for the subway. This is why these people rely on the bus instead sometimes. Ether because they don't like the use of trains, can't get access to it at a near by station or need to take a bus to get to a station.

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So would you guys be willing to pay more for your fares so that the MTA could do all this stuff? Everyone here always has a suggestion to adding stuff that would cost the MTA money but when the MTA want's to raise fares to fund their projects all hell breaks loose. Nooooo the MTA is evil and just wants to raise the fares because they can. They don't look at the bigger picture. People need to put their money where their mouth is.

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190th St on (A): Ft. Wash Av elevators could be expanded to street level and have elevator inside at both platform.

Whitehall St; If they could built elevator at Whitehall St, it will be much more easier ADA transfer bet. (1) and (R)(W)




Mets-Willets Point Subway should have elevator install at both platform regular platform (not special event platform)

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