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I could have had a photo like this last week on Ocean Ave with the B49 and the BM3 but I didn't press the shutter button hard enough and the MCI went flying by. :mad::mad::mad: I was coming out of the chinese resturant and I saw these two buses side by side, I was hoping the light would change. It did and thankfully both buses stopped and I had to run down flatbush ave and arcoss the street to get the photo above. I always wanted a pic like this with an NG next to the new MCIs, I'm happy I finally got it. :P


Some bonus pics...
















Hope you enjoyed!

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and that would mean #4210 - #4278 would have go to Flatbush depot.

#3900 series would have to go to Manhattan. ( 1 or two depot

i mean Flatbush depot and Micheal j. Quill depot have to give up their

Nova RTS and send them to West Farms depot.

West Farms depot have RTS bus from Flatbush depot , and Micheal

J. Quill depot.

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