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What happened on the number 6 local yesterday

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Yesterday I was stuck on the downtown number 6 train the emergency brakes went into a halt no announcements were made we were on there for well over 20 minutes. Finally they opened one door and people were let out. I take the number 5 train to Brooklyn Bridge same darn thing happens going uptown, again no announcemnets from TA police or Transit officials :mad::mad::mad:

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A train with mechancial problems at 14th Street-Union Square. I assume it has to deal with the gap fillers.


I thought that those gap fillers were no longer used. If not, which platform and side are they located on?

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The gap fillers are used on the downtown local (6) and downtown express platforms (4)(5)

you have to hit the marker right on point in order for the gap fillers to open...or so I've heard lol


IIRC there's about a foot of "leeway" to hit the mark or they won't come out.

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This is an excerpt from "A Day in the Life of a Train Operator," written by our very own Alex L.


"14 St -- After a nice fast run from 42 St, there's one timer North of the station to slow you down, then a 20 MPH restriction entering the station. This is one of the two hardest stations to stop in - there's a leeway of about 2 feet. Miss it and the gap fillers don't come out (and you'll never hear the end of it). When it's time to go, go slow. There is a red signal that works with the gap fillers - it doesn't clear until they are fully retracted. Once it clears, wrap it up. Just don't forget about the upcoming timers from Bleeker to Canal."


The entire passage can be found at:


http://www.nycsubway.org/faq/dayinlife.html :cool:

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I heard 4 guys cut the power down there, and demanded a hefty ransom for the train and its passengers, causing the delay... hmmmmm:eek:


Did they remember to send the train to Coney Island when they were done? :D B)

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