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Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan Express Bus pics

Forest Glen

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^^ B103 always been a limited, bro....


anyway, ridiculous how much service the Qm1a gets... back to back express buses... then again, they run all over the place while in manhattan; 3rd av, 6th av, lwr. manhattan.... eh, don't really see too many in lower manhattan during the pm hrs, though....

what else, um... rare QM21 sighting (well, you live around the area in queens where it runs, so, not so rare for you).... & maybe my timing is bad, but, lately I've been boarding BM1's the past few weeks... I usually take whichever comes first (out of the BM1, 2, or sometimes the 3).....



enough chatter for a pic thread.... nice pics man... the one I liked the most was that BM2 shot....

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