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Ladies and Gentlemen, there's an Uptown6 approaching this Forum


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Hey there, fellow Straphangers!


Been here for a few days and figured it's just about that time I introduced myself. My name is Caesar (a.k.a. "Uptown6") and I’ve been a subway-buff for as long as I can remember. Growing up along the Pelham Line in The Bronx, I was easily intrigued by the (6) train rushing past the landscape of my window every day; thus, my interest in subways beginning at such an early age. My home route has always been the #6 Pelham Line, riding since the time I was a big-headed, gap-toothed, squeaky-voiced preschooler.


I’ve spent a good portion of my youth learning and navigating my way throughout the system. Consequently, I'm often asked for directions and sometimes invited to ride with people - - namely by my "dearest" aunts and cousins - - because they fear getting lost. As long as they're paying my fare, I don't mind the ride! :P


Don’t recall the last time I joined an online forum, as I consider them to be a distraction from my busy life offline - - however, since this is the best transit-themed board I‘ve run into thus far, I’ll make an exception! :cool:


See y’all at the forums…


- Caesar

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