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MTH Railking Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Daylight Engine

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MY R40 Slant had to go in for service...So I brought it to my train shop out here in the desert to be fixed... Yes guys, R40 (F) Train service is suspended on the ZTA. R-32 (D) Trains are running its place..


Anyway, while I was in the shop, I noticed this engine on wall, and had to see it up close and personal.. I asked my repair man buddy ( Former Queens resident from over 20 years ago..) It was his engine, he was selling.. Mikes Train House Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Daylight with announcements made between Portland, and San Francisco.. Anyways, its obviously not a subway, but she is a beauty, and a great addition to my collection....


This baby smokes alot!.. Before, I left the shop, I had him drop in some Christmas-Cinnamon smoke, and its awesome!










With an R40 (F)Layup



With Pelham








A more detailed video is on the way...this should hold you over for now..



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It looks like a Railking but I'm not sure the wheels just throw me off. What is the part number? Does it start with 20- or 30-? Still its a great piece enjoy it my friend!


Its a Railking; Hence, the title :):cool: Thanks! I will!

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hey man nice train i have 2 qustions for you

1 what are the deminsions of your layout and to can you (if you have a chance please post) take picturers of the track work of the elavated part of your layout and the part of when it begines to desend

thank you

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