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First Amfleet coach rehabilitation complete


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Amfleet Coach #25103 is the first to be fully rehabilitated and returned to service using funds from the Stimulus package to refurbish 60 of them and return them back to service.


Coach 25103 has 4.1 million miles on it, averaging 178,300 miles per year. It has been inoperable since 2005, when it was sideswiped in a yard wreck.





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I wonder if there are any other cars that could be put into service that are currently unused, but able to operate in daily service at speed etc.


For example i know tons of museum quality cars that just are not operationally roadworthy anymore, but i also know of 100% sound equipment that is just kind of sitting there.


Brings up another question. How much rehabilitation-able pax cars are out there in the country, what state of repair are they in, are they up to FRA specifications, if not can they be upgraded, how much would it cost, where would these cars be used etc.


I saw the Hickory Creek at hudson yard a few days ago, and it got me wondering how much equipment just kind of sits idle most of the time.


On jan 20 i saw several amfleets off to one side of the NEC rails below the embankment in DE, are they part of this rehab project, or are they part of a different project all ready underway, or a future project in waiting?


Are there any heavyweight coaches that could be put into regular pax services?


- A

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Aside from heavyweights operating as private cars and on tourist lines, your not going to see them make a return to regular service. For the amount of work that would need to be done to each car from bathrooms to HEP to interiors you may as well buy a new car. Heavyweights are not like Budd/Pullman streamlined cars which as seen by both Amtrak and VIA can be rebuilt.

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